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5 traits of transformative CEOs
In a fast-moving environment characterised by digitisation, organisations face threats that emerge more rapidly - and from a wider range of competitors - than ever before.

ICO’s and the Blockchain
Craig Penfold believes that while Bitcoin is restricted to a total of 21 million coins, demand for the cryptocurrency and its price are largely driven by technology, recent moves towards regulation and media events.

A business with a conscience
The South African wine industry has struggled with severe challenges over the past few years, resulting in only one in seven wine producers making a profit.

SA will lose 5.7m jobs if not digitally ready in 7 years
With 35 percent of all jobs in SA (almost 5.7 million jobs) currently being at risk of total digital automation within a mere 7 years, the country could see a crippling effect compounded by a fragile economy and growing unemployment.

Integrated reporting, strategy & excellence in performance
This two-day workshop offers advanced training to business managers on integrated reporting and the strategic alignment of reporting systems for excellence in performance.

JSE Magazine
JSE is the official business and lifestyle quarterly of the JSE Limited. JSE also gives you a glimpse into the workings of the exchange and a unique insight into the world of investing.

Send a Training Request
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