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Are you ready for the hybrid workplace?
In the post-pandemic world, many companies will embrace the lessons learned from more than a year of telecommuting and not fully return to the office.

The future of healthcare
A new vaccine trial is just one of many exciting developments in the field of biotechnology.

Building Resilience, Improving Stress Management, and Coping with Adversity
This online course consists of a series of informative videos, insightful content, and science-based activities to enhance your resilience. It covers four key modules with over 20 mini-lessons in building resilience and stress management.

Impact Investing in Africa Online
This interactive seven week live online course allows participants to engage directly with leaders in the impact investing space across the continent to develop impact investing and impact measurement strategies, analyse and evaluate opportunities, and engage...

Wits Business School Journal
As a leading Business Magazine in South Africa, the Wits Business School Journal's objective is to provide a tool that carries thought leadership to an audience hungry for knowledge.

Send a Training Request
Are you looking for a leadership, management and entrepreneurship programme? Does your company require customised, in-house training or consulting?

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