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Is Blockchain the next great hope - or hype?
Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin may have captured the public’s fancy – and also engendered a healthy dose of skepticism - but it is their underlying technology that is proving to be of practical benefit to organisations: the blockchain.

Lessons from the strategy crisis at Netflix
Netflix is facing an existential strategy crisis much like the one it faced in 2007–10, when its original DVD rental business became obsolete.

What are the ingredients for greatness in business in 2017?
If there was a ready-made recipe for making a great business we’d all be Mark Zuckerbergs. Yet study enough successful enterprises and it is possible to identify key ingredients that create the potential for greatness.

Predictive analytics masterclass 2017
Leverage on analytics for better business decision and impact on bottom line.

MPhil in Development Finance
The MPhil in Development Finance (MDevF) covers all aspects of development finance, including a thorough understanding of the theories underpinning development finance practices. It also focuses on enterprise-level development finance and sustainable growth....

BBC News
BBC News is the largest broadcast news operation in the world with more than 2,000 journalists and 48 newsgathering bureaux, 41 of which are overseas.

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