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What if computers become smarter than humans?
What is AI capable of, what is still beyond its grasp, and are we rocketing toward an increasingly intelligent technology without enough thought about the implications for ourselves and our planet.

Is South Africa sustainable?
A lecture with Professor Matthew Lester of the Rhodes Business School, Grahamstown, that examines the sustainability of the independent schools in the context of the FessMustfall crisis.

BB Moloi: Success through grit and hard work
Instead of support and encouragement, BB Moloi faced challenges. "I didn’t want to be a security guard my whole life, but I also couldn’t afford to study without that job, so I ignored everyone’s opinions, put my head down and worked."

South Africa 2017: What lies on the horizon?
The University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) and the Institute for Futures Research (IFR) are hosting a half-day seminar on how developments in the economy, politics, technology and education will influence South African organisations in 2017.

Postgraduate Diploma in Futures Studies
This programme will equip decision makers and strategic planners with essential skills to make strategic long-term decisions so that they can deal with rapid and complex changes both locally and internationally. This programme can also provide access to USB’s...

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