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Management, Training and Career Advice for Business Leaders

First know yourself, then your team
Understanding how an organisation works is not enough. To be truly effective, a leader must understand the unconscious motivations of people around them.

The Sandwich Baron
Sally J'Arlette Joy, Founder of Sandwich Baron, shares why this food franchise is so successful.

Meet the real king of sushi
Vusi Kunene, entrepreneur and owner of the Blackanese Sushi & Wine Bar in Maboneng Precinct, eastern Johannesburg, had a first encounter with sushi that would have stopped most in their tracks.

Shift Questions: A workshop for entrepreneurs
Many entrepreneurs reach a point on their entrepreneurial journey where they feel stuck in a rut and are unable to continue moving their businesses forward. This often happens when they can’t find the answers they need to their biggest business uncertainties....

Master Class in Designing a Deal
You are a good negotiator. You’ve learnt the fundamentals of negotiation. You know about the importance of interests, options, no-deal options and using standards or benchmarks to persuade the other party of the fairness of your proposals. You are also adept...

Overberg Echoes
Topical observations by Jerry Schuitema, an award winning economic journalist and author on current events.

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