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Management, Training and Career Advice for Business Leaders

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: How empathy sparks innovation
Satya Nadella’s track record as CEO has been widely lauded. Under his leadership, Microsoft has reversed its fortunes. What his secret?

Change Management, Digitisation and Engagement
Leslie Benson, Senior Managing Director in the Strategic Communications segment at FTI Consulting in London talks on change management, digitisation and engagement.

The economic outlook for South Africa
President Cyril Ramaphosa’s new administration must show a demonstrable commitment to structural reform if it is to stimulate the stagnating South African economy.

From Strategy to Action
This workshop is aimed at assisting senior executives develop strategic skills and insights in order to formulate a mission statement and a strategic plan of action.

Managing Managers for Results
For managers who have transitioned from managing others to managing managers or a functional unit.

Contribution Accounting Methodology
The Contribution Accounting Methodology has taken shape over many decades. It is the culmination of years of exposure to economics, business, on site activities, interaction with a wide variety of parties including shop-floor workers, organized labour,...

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