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02 APRIL 2019
Judy Dlamini’s new book showcases African success stories
Accomplished business woman, mother, grandmother, wife, style icon, doctor, entrepreneur and educator, Dr Judy Dlamini, is proud to be releasing her second book, The Other Story, during February 2019, in which she shares stories that lie close to her heart and have inspired her.

The Other Story is an invitation to fireside chats with some of Africa’s biggest achievers, men and women of different ages, with diverse backgrounds and from all across the continent. The narrative allows them to let their voices be heard through every page.

The book is a compilation of stories by the leaders and entrepreneurs that have greatly achieved in their personal capacity, but have also gone out of their way to make a difference in other people’s lives. These are trendsetters from different sectors, such as Gloria Serobe, Mama Zanele Mbeki, Sizwe Nxasana, Dr Richard Maponya, Fred Swaniker and Ali Mufuruki, to mention just a few.

This beautiful, thought provoking and relatable book seeks to tell the other side of the story - one that gives specific attention to what Africans are capable of. Africans are doing amazing things, no matter where they are in the world, what age or gender they may be, what qualification they may hold, and regardless of whether they operate in the formal or informal economy. This is THEIR story, told in their voice and from their perspectives.

These stories seek to humanise us, repair our broken dignity, empower us and the generations that will follow. “These are the stories that I want my grandchildren to read over and over again, until they see themselves and other Africans in them,” explains Dr Judy Dlamini.

“We own our stories and culture, and therefore we must be proud, and unapologetically publish them as they are,” says Yamkela Tywakadi, Publisher for Sifiso Publishers. “Sifiso Publishers is also about growing the reading culture in Africa through the books that they publish as well as by being actively involved in the communities through reading to children and encouraging young people and parents to read,” she concludes.

Dr Judy’s first book, Equal but Different, published in 2017 received great acclaim for its focus on women in Africa, their journeys and for portraying them as equal but different. During 2018, Dr Dlamini was honoured and appointed as the first female Chancellor of Wits University, a role she is very proud of and takes very seriously.
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