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03 AUGUST 2020
2020 could be your year of plenty – if you’re up for it
It’s big-picture thinking for small business or, if you like, streetwise entrepreneurship for creative businesses. This September, Henley Business School Africa and Raizcorp will be offering the first-ever SAQA-accredited Higher Certificate in Management Practice for Entrepreneurs.

“Raizcorp is recognised by The Economist as the only genuine business incubator in Africa,” says Henley Africa dean and director, Jon Foster-Pedley, “and as we prepare to emerge from the COVID-19 lockdown, we need small and medium businesses now more than ever to create jobs and radically transform the economy.

“There’s no one better for us to partner with than Raizcorp founder, Allon Raiz, who has been breaking rules and breaking new ground for the last 20 years, developing entrepreneurs and graduating them in the school of life to even greater heights. In the process, Raizcorp has built a model that is practical, realistic and truly effective.”

Raiz is equally excited about the partnership: “Our philosophical approach to developing entrepreneurs has always been about taking a holistic and inclusive view of the entrepreneur and the business.

“A Henley–Raizcorp partnership brings the best of both worlds to anyone wanting to develop their entrepreneurial skills; a finely balanced combination of the theory and the practice of being an entrepreneur and building an entrepreneurial business.

“Successful entrepreneurs are highly responsive and relevant to their environments. Henley, a global and African business school, has always been incredibly relevant for the time and highly responsive to the market needs. Working with Henley is like working with a savvy entrepreneur.”

The year-long, part-time course is designed for both the aspirant entrepreneur to turn their side hustle into a sustainable small business, and for the existing entrepreneur to take their business to the next level in a post- COVID world. It’s an essential course for newcomers going into the family business, an incredible help for franchise owners and a vital aide for professionals taking that big step into the unknown world of self-employment.

Built around five distinct blocks with a total of 19 contact teaching days, the course will cover entrepreneurial development, personal mastery and resilience, business acumen and strategy, sales, marketing and pitching, audience targeting and, critically, how to attract investment.

“It’s really about finding people who are looking for the confidence to build a logical and practical business case, to start a business, to persist through the challenges or to find the investment to scale it – and then giving that confidence to them. The kind of business they’re in isn’t important, only the level of their enthusiasm is,” explains Foster-Pedley.

If you would like to know more about the Higher Certificate in Management Practice, please call 011 566 2000 and ask for Dylan Baxter or mail him at dylanb@raizcorp.com. Alternatively, SMS “Raizcorp Henley” to 35839 to be contacted.
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Henley Business School
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Introducing Raizcorp, a well-established yet innovative business Prosperator that offers all you need to grow your business, from infrastructure and administrative services through business management expertise and ongoing generation of sales leads. Visit our InfoCentre or website.

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