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28 JULY 2021
Next-generation project managers

COVID-19 has offered a new set of challenges for prospective and existing project managers, which presents the need to mend the potential knowledge gap for those responsible for managing projects in various industries. Our project management programmes are designed to equip delegates with the latest and most relevant project management skills to manage resources and time whilst working on projects. These programmes aim to transform project managers into industry experts who will efficiently execute projects within an organisation.

At a recent intake for the Advanced Project Management programme, there was a generally positive consensus amongst the delegates as they expressed that the sessions were informative and that the e-learning experience with UEL is unmatched. The facilitator on the programme is engaging, making the lessons more interesting, as everybody can add their input.

As the world is evolving, the business environment is becoming more digitised and sophisticated. Projects are becoming complex with intricate details requiring people who possess a particular set of skills to bring to successful delivery. These programmes provide delegates with vital knowledge, transferrable skills, and the relevant tools to manage and deliver projects successfully.

To find out more about our Advanced and Competent Project Management programme, please click here.

You can also contact us directly for more information on the programme:

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