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04 OCTOBER 2021
Shifting managerial mindsets
Leadership skills are not innate in all managers. Some top managers can only excel if they have had training in the management skills required. The responsibilities of supervisory roles can be particularly daunting for new managers, who feel intense pressure to perform well but lack the experience to make that possible. Developing leadership skills requires a thorough understanding of the key ingredients necessary to be a good leader. Understanding the job expectations from employees and senior managers alike is crucial to a new manager’s success.

New managers face different expectations, and the shift from managing oneself to managing others can be daunting. Further to this, the recent changes to remote and online working mean the leadership skills in managing teams effectively for leaders today differ significantly from those that have set the standard in the past. Active learning is UKZN Extended Learning’s focus. Our learning methodology encourages the sharing of best industry practices and provides tools and solutions for impact in the workplace.

Individuals identified as emerging leaders, supervisors, team leaders, and technical specialists should consider enrolling in an Emerging Managers Programme to propel their careers further.

If you would like to secure your place or find out more information about this programme, please click here.

You can also contact us directly for more information on the programme:

Thobeka Malinga
T: +27 31 260 1234
E: MalingaT1@ukzn.ac.za
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UKZN Extended Learning
UKZN Extended Learning is committed to enrichment through lifelong learning, by providing high quality credit and non-credit bearing short courses and academic programmes in collaboration with schools and colleges of the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Visit our InfoCentre or website.

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