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Parenting on the run (part 2) with Nikki Bush

Parents today are busy - especially working parents who struggle with work-life balance. Being able to parent creatively - on the run - makes the parenting journey easier and much more fun. In this acclaimed presentation, creative parenting expert and author, Nikki Bush, introduces the concept of cheating time and turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Nikki will show you how to use the time you already spend with your children, no matter how much or how little, to better effect. Time spent in the company of children in the car, doing household chores and activities or waiting for appointments, can be so valuable - it is never a waste of time.

Come and discover:

  • the art of how to be really present
  • why it's important to connect with your child regardless of how busy you are
  • how to cheat time
  • how to convert wasted time with your children to quality time
  • practical ideas of how to create quality time moments with your children
  • how to read your children better
  • how important it is to fill your own emotional cup to be able to keep filling theirs
  • how to drop your parental guilt to be more focused and perform better at work

For non-parents:

  • discover the art of presence
  • rekindle the human connection with colleagues and breaking down barriers
  • acquire an understanding of human behaviour that applies to team and employees as much as it does to families
  • self-discovery about how we are all attention-seekers and how we all play the attention game
  • tools to use as ice breakers in meetings or the training room
Event Details

22 February 2017
Start Time: 6:00 pm. End Time: 7:30 pm
Johannesburg, South Africa


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