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How Neuroscience Helps Take Leaders to the Next Level

International expert Dr Tara Swart returns to SA to share the latest applications of neuroscience to business and leadership performance.

Compelling evidence from neuroscience research shows that leaders can significantly improve how they engage with and motivate others. It shows that, contrary to the idea that leadership skills are ‘innate’, leadership can actually be learned. On the 25th of May this year, South African business leaders will have an opportunity to learn about these cutting-edge findings in person.

Business Results Group will once again be hosting London based Dr Tara Swart, prolific author, leadership coach and highly acclaimed thought leader in the field of neuroscience, in Johannesburg. Dr Tara Swart is at the forefront of the application of neuroscience to business. At her one-day-only event on the 25th May, she will share key insights and techniques from brain research and psychology that can improve individual leadership performance, as well as that of your team and organisation.

“Most people get paid to use their brains, but don’t fully understand how the brain works, or how to optimize its performance” says Swart. “The advent of brain scanning has allowed us to learn much more about all these functions. In turn, we can provide specific feedback, support and monitoring for people in leadership positions who are often exposed to prolonged stress, caused by unprecedented levels of information overload, scrutiny, and change”.

Some of the leadership-style and business performance topics and tools that Dr Swart will address include:

  • How to become a more resilient and inspirational leader
  • Leveraging diversity of thinking from your team
  • Understanding how to deal with complexity
  • Helping to create the conditions for success in your organisation
  • Improving your ability to empathise and innovate into the future
  • Learning how to make the best possible decisions
  • Discovering how to incentivise performance

Nicola Tyler, CEO of Business Results Group, says “The applications of neuroscience research for business and leadership are incredibly powerful. Dr Swart’s insights are helping leaders become more resilient and helping them make better decisions - which ultimately affects the whole organisation as well as the bottom line”.

“Leadership for Neuroscience” presented by Dr Tara Swart is brought to South Africa by Business Results Group and the Gordon Institute of Business Science.

Event Details

25 May 2017
7.30am – 5.00pm
Turbine Hall, Newtown, Johannesburg
Johannesburg, South Africa
Individual Rate: R7,995 + VAT. Team Rate (5+): R7,595 + VAT. Corporate Rate (10+): R6,995 + VAT. For groups of 20 people+, talk to us about how we can make your conference experience a memorable event. Bring your EXCO, engage your leaders and get your commercial team in the room.
Contact us on 0861 247 328 or rsvp@brg.co.za


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