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Retail and Consumer Insights 2019 Conference

Few sectors have been as disrupted as retail has. To survive, retailers need to remain relevant and embrace change.

Whilst no business is immune to disruption, few sectors have experienced disruption on the scale that retail has, because at the heart of their business is the customer, who increasingly is more empowered, sophisticated and connected. Traditional bricks and mortar, location and footprint are no longer barriers to access, and key to sustainability is the identification of trends, opportunities and challenges both on a local and global scale.

Declining economic growth, political uncertainty, high inflation, lower business and consumer confidence, add complexity to an already challenging business environment.

This conference examines the entire value chain from fundamentals, opportunities, inherent weaknesses and the ecosystem of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and logistics companies. It is intentionally provocative and will require an open-minded approach to what is possible, and more importantly, on how can you apply what you've learnt back to your company.

Conference Moderator: Susan Mauwer

"Retail today requires a multidimensional view of what has to be achieved, driving collaboration and possibilities across the value chain - are the different touch points in your organisation aligned?"


  • The biggest trends impacting on the retail industry - what are the key drivers of change in retail? International, and South African trends.
  • How to embrace change and stay relevant.
  • Omnichannel retailers.
  • Understanding innovation, in-store technologies and using data to convert shoppers to buyers.
  • Understanding the South African consumer and brand connection with the customer.
  • Customer centricity in today's world- what does that mean?
  • Stores of discovery, creating exceptional retail experiences, enticing customers.
  • The state of online retail in South Africa, ensuring your online offering is customer focused.
  • The profitability challenge and driving bottom-line growth.

Speakers confirmed to date:

  • Stuart Bird, CEO of Mr Price Group
  • Doug Smollan, CEO of the Smollan Group
  • Jane Canny, chief digital officer, Edcon Group
  • Bryan Nelson, sector lead: retail, travel and financial services, Google Africa
  • Musa Kalinga, CEO/founder of Bridge Labs
  • Nicholas Haralambous, founder of Nicharry.com and author of Do.Fail.Learn.Repeat.
  • Preetesh Sewraj, CEO and chief innovation analyst, Product of the Year

Discounts of 20% for bookings of 5 or more.

Event Details

28 March 2019
Johannesburg, South Africa
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