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Lynda Gratton

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Lynda Gratton
Lynda Gratton, Founder of the Hot Spots Movement, is Professor of Management Practice at London Business School.

Lynda Gratton is considered one of the world's authorities on human resources strategy and actively advises companies across the world. Professor Gratton's book Living Strategy, originally published in 2000, has been translated into more than 15 languages and was rated by US CEOs as one of the most important books of the year. A more recent book, The Democratic Enterprise, was described by the Financial Times as a work of important scholarship. Her article Integrating the Enterprise, which examines cooperative strategies, was awarded the MIT Sloan Management Review best article of the year in 2002 and her case study of BP's peer assist integration practices won the 2005 ECC best strategy case of the year award. In 2006, Lynda was appointed the Executive Director of the Lehman Brothers Centre for Women in Business at London Business School. In 2007, she was listed in The Times' "The Thinkers 50" - a global rankings of the most important and influential business thinkers.

Catch Lynda talking about Hot Spots at various events around the world. Click here for further details.

Visit Lynda's website at www.lyndagratton.com.
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