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Wits Business School Journal

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Wits Business School Journal
As a leading Business Magazine in South Africa, the Wits Business School Journal's objective is to provide a tool that carries thought leadership to an audience hungry for knowledge.

The editorial content of this custom publication highlights the intellectual challenges at the forefront of the South African corporate arena, providing local business leaders with the latest thinking, strategic processes and technical models to improve their responsibilities as decision makers. The digital publication delivers cutting edge media to a national, regional and global market place providing investors with the ultimate knowledge based solutions and opportunities.

“Sculpting Global Leaders” remains the creed of the Wits Business School Journal with a clever mix of writing that balances knowledge and experience. The publication is a catalyst for opportunity, investment, wealth creation and excellence far into the 21st century. Public/Private partnerships thrive in this environment of innovation. The quality business editorial of the Journal promotes the development of innovation in corporate, public sector and entrepreneurial environments.

The Wits Business School Journal communicates with the Alumni and postgraduates of the Wits Business School, which is the most prestigious business school in South Africa. The Journal is in the enviable position of being able to facilitate the information exchange between academics and the business community, offering a real communication tool for high-end decision makers. Organizations with products and services that are synonymous with status, quality and reliability are invited to participate in this unique niche publication and to showcase their services and/or products.

The Journal, in print format, is currently distributed directly to 15,000 alumni. This year celebrates the 20th edition of the Journal and due to popular demand, it is now available at all leading retail outlets!
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