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Say It Better

Enjoying a More Accomplished, Adventuresome and Satisfying Life – With Others

The Rube Goldberg-style marble ladder contraption on the side table in my second grade class completely captured my attention, more than the teacher’s lesson plan, and I wasn’t the only one. When the recess bell finally rang, instead of going outside, three of us rushed over to re-jigger it so the marbles would have a more zig zaggy way to meander down, from the top to the bottom. That should have been a clue to me then that I’d rather reconfigure or create something new – with others — than to simply learn how things are now.

Inventiveness is increasingly vital, for individuals and organizations, in this technology-enabled Age of Engagement, so you, too, may want to hone the skills needed to tap that talent inside of you.

As a reporter, inventor and co-collaborator on many projects – I have honed three passionate interests that can benefit you, too, in this increasingly complex yet connected world. Now, more than ever, these skills are needed to stay relevant, sought-after and enjoying the true adventure story you were meant to live:

1. Quotability

More than smarts, experience, hard work or even money and attractiveness the key first step to standing out and to attracting involvement is your capacity to get your ideas heard and shared. There is an art and a science to being frequently-quoted.

The A.I.R formula for quotability is as vital to life as oxygen in this connected era:

  1. Actionable
  2. Interesting
  3. Relevant

2. Connectability

Disconcertingly, likeability often trumps competence when people choose whom to support, buy from or befriend, research shows. Discover how to turn more situations into opportunities to connect around a sweet spot of shared interest, using one or more of the 30 Connectability Cues Kare has discovered from tracking behavioral research over the past decade. Use them to bring out the brighter side in others. Only then will they see and support your best side.

3. Collaborative

Inevitably those who become sought-after in any sphere, from personal to social or work settings, have co-created the most tempting offering for their “market.” Understand how to choose one or more of the seven most successful and widely-applicable methods to solve a problem or seize an opportunity:

  1. Self-organized teams, loosely networked together
  2. Co-creation, scalable and/or templatable
  3. Crowdsourcing
  4. Mini-charettes
  5. Special interest communities, online and in-person
  6. Storyboarding an experience, place, event or content
  7. Mass customization

If you put any of these to use I’m betting that later, looking back on your life, some of your most meaningful memories and friendships will be the result of accomplishing something greater with others than you could have by working alone. You can bring out each others best talents and temperaments by evolving one of these specific structured collaboration methods to your situation

Kare Can Support You in Two Ways

Want to use your best talents more often to accomplish greater things with others? Like to be recognized and rewarded as you hone these traits? Then hire Kare to:

  1. Speak at your conference or meeting
  2. Provide coaching by phone and/or in-person

The arc of Kare’s work and life so far…

Emmy-winning former Wall Street Journal and NBC journalist, Kare Anderson has been a public speaker in 18 countries, and consultant to companies, sports teams, startups, government leaders and non-profits as diverse as Google, The Skoll Foundation, London School of Economics, Nordstrom, Siemens and Novartis. Currently she serves on Deloitte LLP’s leadership team for Branding, Communications and Community.

For Obama’s first presidential campaign she created over 208 issues formation teams. She was Pacific Telesis first Cable TV and Wideband Division Director and a founding board member of Annie’s Homegrown. Anderson co-founded nine women’s political action committees. Her ideas are cited in at least 18 books. She is the author of Getting What You Want, Walk Your Talk, Beauty Inside Out and Resolving Conflict Sooner. People in 28 countries read her blog, Moving From Me to We.

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