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MyStartUp is a movement that seeks to galvanise South Africans to become a nation of entrepreneurs. An an online business platform which aims to find, develop, motivate and support aspiring and existing entrepreneurs.

MyStartUp Relationship Status:

Mentor, Nurturer, and Partner to all young and aspiring South African entrepreneurs.

MyStartUp’s Interests:

Providing young entrepreneurs with all the knowledge, tools, skills, best practices and expertise they need to succeed.

MyStartUp’s Skills:

  • Innovative knowledge-sharing, advice and tools from highly successful entrepreneurs throughout South Africa and the World.
  • Utilising the power of online technology and social media
  • Developing, inspiring, growing and supporting entrepreneurs.

MyStartUp’s Background:

Entrepreneurship is a growing phenomenon in present day South Africa and with global developments, many young people are attracted to the prospect of starting and running their own businesses. As opposed to working for someone else, they want to work for themselves.

In any case, the South African economy simply cannot absorb the thousands of school leavers and many are forced to consider starting their own business as a result.

Yet many of these aspirant entrepreneurs lack the avenues to obtain good information, be aware of opportunities, see role models and get the drive to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Most lack the skills required to run sustainable and successful businesses. MyStartUp is a platform, a movement that seeks galvanize South Africans to become a nation of entrepreneurs.

Welcome to MyStartUp South Africa!

MyStartUp is Living:

In Johannesburg Gauteng, South Africa – but actually online wherever you and your entrepreneurial ideas are.

MyStartUp’s favourite Quote:

“Being an entrepreneur means working like very few people will – in order to be able to do things that very few people can.”

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