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Flux Trends

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Flux Trends
Renowned trends analyst, Dion Chang founded FLUX TRENDS to identify and package trends for the benefit of African businesses.

At Flux, we believe there is far too much information flung at us in the 21st century that we cannot digest it all. We edit data outside our immediate scope of interest – not as a matter of choice, but as a coping mechanism because we are continually forced to prioritise. As a result, the information we rely on is incomplete, our social interactions are affected, the generation gap widens, and crucial business opportunities are lost.

Too much information has become a very real problem.

Flux Trends helps to distil the barrage of information that is hurled at us in the modern world. We identify and analyse macro trends (everything from politics, religion, youth culture, media, entertainment and technology) that influence social dynamics and, therefore, our business interactions. We package this information into digestible chunks, allowing small or corporate companies to assess the current landscape and formulate new, forward thinking, marketing and business strategies.

Flux Trends is not your usual trends forecasting agency. We look at what’s happening in the world, right here, right now, enabling you to make quick, short-term strategies in a world that is constantly in a state of FLUX.

Flux identifies trends that affect the way in which we live and work in the 21st century. In essence, we join the dots for you. Then we present, consult and report so your business can stay ahead of the curve.

Our mantra is: Trends as Business Strategy. Shouldn't you be operating ahead of the curve?
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