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Latest Features
13 AUGUST 2013

When managers doubt strategy

Strategic planning has a long history - and a dismal track record. Just about every company does it, obviously because they think it’s important, yet it’s value is highly questionable.
11 JULY 2013

Disruptive strategy needs a rethink

Disruption must surely be the hottest strategy concept of the past decade. But it is less of a breakthrough than it’s made out to be. And it may unnecessarily impede your strategic thinking.
18 APRIL 2013

Self-inflicted strategy dilemmas

Strategy is the first and most important responsibility of business leaders. But although it’s a big deal in most companies of any size, it’s a major weakness in many of them and they get less from it than they think.
18 MARCH 2013

Visionary leadership may be the last thing you need

Visionary leaders can make a huge difference to a firm’s fortunes. They can also cause it to plunge to earth. You might think that visionary leadership is what your firm needs right now. But maybe it’s the last thing you should seek.
14 FEBRUARY 2013

What your company really needs to excel at

Business competitiveness is all about making a difference. So key questions in strategy are: "What is our difference?" "Why does it matter?" and "How will we deliver?"
13 OCTOBER 2012

Why do we make management so hard?

Life is hard. Managing is one of the toughest jobs around. There’s no point in making it harder for yourself.

Start right to get the right stuff done

The proof is everywhere: companies are better at talking than doing. They know strategy is important, and put a lot of effort into it, but then just can’t get the right things done.
16 AUGUST 2012

How leaders train their people to fail

Every time you bring your team together, you have an opportunity to either turn them on or turn them off. The way you craft and conduct your conversations will either bring out the best in them or the worst.
10 JULY 2012

How managers trap themselves in a cycle of self-destruction

More often than they know it, executives are their own worst enemies. Their good intentions cause endless trouble for themselves and their firms. They create the very problems that they worry about.
13 JUNE 2012

10 rules for strategists

Every company today faces growing uncertainty and complexity. Executives are under increasing pressure. Employees are nervy, and many are not fully engaged in their work. So how do you stay competitive and keep producing results?

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