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Latest Features
05 FEBRUARY 2018

Davos 2018: the imperatives for job reskilling

With the central banks and the IMF predicting growth rates of 2% and beyond, Davos man (and woman) are feeling the worst is behind them. Instead much of the focus was on the impact of AI.
30 MARCH 2016

9 reasons robots are distorting our view of the future

As we imagine the future, should we let technological developments be the major framing?
29 FEBRUARY 2016

Time to learn about learning

The way that learning will be re-shaped over the coming decades.
30 JANUARY 2016

Davos 2016: My 3 take-aways

This year, whilst bankers and politicians were still around in abundance, now at centre stage were AI scientists, robotic experts, neuroscientists, medical researchers and authorities on the science of climate change.
08 JUNE 2015

What is the most valuable asset you can give to an employee?

Historically the answer was simple – money. Yet we have known for sometime that although pay might indeed be a valuable asset for an employee, it’s unlikely to be the driver for their motivation.
12 FEBRUARY 2015

The future of HR: Preparing for longevity

What happens to work when people live for a hundred years? This question may seem incredibly future-focused, however it’s happening faster than you think.
16 JULY 2014

The key to enhancing employees’ emotional vitality

The topic of emotional vitality has become increasingly popular in HR circles - and the general consensus is that work often damages an individual’s emotional vitality.
13 JUNE 2014

Building resilience in a fragile world

We live in a fragile world. Every one of us faces profound and escalating challenges.
10 JANUARY 2014

5 trends to watch in 2014

The start of a new year is a natural point for thinking ahead and planning for the future.
16 NOVEMBER 2013

Leading in complex times

If you’re a business leader today you are working to understand and balance the perspectives of an unprecedented variety of stakeholders and doing so in a world that is more transparent and connected than ever before.

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