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01 MAY 2014

The high cost of procrastination

When it comes to the different types of procrastination, we are our own worst enemies.
31 MAY 2013

Does money bring happiness?

Social scientists have long been troubled by the finding that people basically think money will bring them happiness but it does so less than they expect.
03 NOVEMBER 2012

Bogus bonuses and CEO salaries

One of the most common justifications for hefty CEO compensation packages is that if the leaders of industry are not paid well, the so-called best & brightest will no longer flock to fill the corporate ranks, and will instead go elsewhere.
29 AUGUST 2012

6 simple rules to avoid breaking under pressure

The reality of modern life is that we can’t always avoid depletion. But that doesn’t mean we’re helpless against it.
02 JULY 2012

Prada Overnight

Brands communicate in two directions: they help us tell other people something about ourselves, but they also help us form ideas about who we are.
04 JULY 2011

Preferences leading to choices?

Sometimes we don’t make choices based on our internal preferences. Instead we have a gut feeling about what we want, and we go through a process of mental gymnastics to manipulate our choices so that we can get what we really want.
06 JUNE 2011

Can we improve our self-control?

Self-control may be something that we can tap into to make sweeping improvements life outcomes.
28 APRIL 2011

The upside of useless stuff

We often talk about how marketing’s job is to get us to want things and spend our money, sometimes foolishly. But that reflects only marketing’s output. Marketing also creates input: It spurs us to work to earn the money to buy things.
25 FEBRUARY 2011

A lesson about (de)motivating employees

Leaders need to understand the importance of meaning in the workplace.
25 NOVEMBER 2010

Good decisions. Bad outcomes

Rewarding and penalising leaders based on outcomes overestimates how much variance people actually control.

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