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Latest Features
05 MAY 2020

Covid-19: Everything has changed

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world: It may take years for the global economy to recover, which will have dire implications for South Africa’s economic prospects.
02 APRIL 2019

Personal potential, a source of power

Problems of violence, drugs and gangsterism in places like Mitchell’s Plain are symptoms of a much deeper problem that could be addressed through creative processes that help young people tap into a deeper source of fulfilment.
03 MARCH 2019

Sustainable mining rests on addressing power relations

Dialogue between all stakeholders is essential for understanding and addressing underlying power relations in the South African mining industry. This paves the way for companies to move forward with sustainable and profitable operations.
03 MARCH 2019

Retailers can still succeed, but they need to embrace change

Few industries are being disrupted as rapidly as retail. Those left standing will be the ones that can embrace change and keep innovating.
01 AUGUST 2018

To appreciate value, we have to look beyond earnings

Financial measures such as earnings per share (EPS) are central to many methods of valuing a business. Yet earnings can only tell us so much, particularly when it comes to how a company is allocating its capital.
05 MARCH 2018

3 truths for building future-proof organisations

Automation, artificial intelligence and emerging technologies are changing our world and redefining the future of work. Organisations need to gear up to manage this transition wisely and understand the new rules of the game.
04 APRIL 2017

Design thinking vs lean startup?

The risks inherent in ‘build first, find customers later’ are too high. Businesses need to find a new way of working.
10 AUGUST 2015

How to cultivate your signature leadership presence

Women in senior management positions are often in the minority and can feel isolated. Cultivating a signature leadership presence can be crucial to helping them break that isolation and ensuring an effective impact as a leader.
09 JUNE 2015

10 things we need to get right for Africa to thrive

African economies are booming. But many have questioned if this growth is sustainable or if it is coming at the expense of the poor and vulnerable.
09 JUNE 2015

Who wants to be the road less travelled?

Once upon a time most people thought that design and business were two very different things: fashion and architecture vs commerce. Today, the thinking has changed.

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