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The company of the future

In the coming decade, companies will increasingly need to compete on the rate of learning.
03 JUNE 2019

The 5 rules of Digital Strategy

A lot of ink has been spilled telling the stories of companies felled by digital disruption - think Kodak or Blockbuster. What gets far less attention is the way traditional incumbents are winning at the digital game.
04 MAY 2019

Innovation, meet Automation

This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
04 MAY 2019

Why Agile works

Companies that get agile right see impressive results.
02 APRIL 2019

The future of marketing is here - don’t blink

Tomorrow will be different - and even more complicated. The question is, how can CMOs and their companies keep up?
21 APRIL 2018

5 traits of transformative CEOs

In a fast-moving environment characterised by digitisation, organisations face threats that emerge more rapidly - and from a wider range of competitors - than ever before.

10 things every manager should know about AI

In order to make educated decisions in this fast-moving field, all managers should have a basic understanding of AI. Here are ten key facts that will give you an edge.
31 MAY 2017

A CEO’s guide to leading Digital Transformation

The success of a transformation depends on an organisation’s leaders, especially the CEO. In digital transformations, the CEO is even more critical because of the magnitude of change, the degree of disruption, and the power of inertia.
02 MAY 2017

How to design and run IT projects CEOs will love

A large number of CEOs have lost faith in their IT department. Too many projects go off the rails, plagued by budget overruns and costly delays.
03 APRIL 2017

Prediction in uncertain times: Lessons from Trump and Brexit

data and smart algorithms could generate tremendous value for businesses, whether it’s improving promotional effectiveness and operational efficiency or enabling self-tuning recommendation engines. Yet Brexit and Trump serve to remind us th

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