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03 NOVEMBER 2018

What did the investment conference deliver?

Over 1000 delegates attended the investment conference held in Sandton last week. Was anything achieved?
10 OCTOBER 2018

Cry for leadership: How can we move forward as a country?

A cold realism has followed the initial euphoria that accompanied the ascendance of President Cyril Ramaphosa to the highest seat as president of his party and the country.
02 JUNE 2018

The future of race relations in SA is not so bright

The era of nation-building based on the abstract notion of race reconciliation has lost its currency in our imagination.
02 APRIL 2018

Black farmers need action & support, not government rhetoric

The gap between what the ANC says and what it does is hindering rural communities eager to succeed.
03 APRIL 2017

SA can’t compete without fixing its attitude to maths

South Africa is not producing enough school leavers who are competent in maths and science.
11 MARCH 2014

Scars of the past still with us

Although the legal infrastructure that was meant to keep black people at the bottom rung of social hierarchy has vanished, economic power remains inequitably distributed today.
17 FEBRUARY 2014

How optimists make us unwilling to face truth

Anyone who dares point to the reality of creaking public services or worsening leadership is likely to be reminded that there are many good stories happening elsewhere in the country.

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