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Latest Features
02 AUGUST 2015

The fastest fibre wins the day - and Jeremy Clarkson

To the swift go the spoils, runs the old saying, and nowhere is that more true than with regard to the speed of your internet connection.
01 MAY 2015

I agree with you, Mr. President... almost!

At one end of our continent, hundreds of Africans are dying in a vain bid to reach Europe. At the other end, a number have been attacked and some killed in one of the regular outbreaks of xenophobia in our own country.
23 FEBRUARY 2015

Are we becoming Zimbabwe?

The ANC has become South Africa’s ZANU-PF – if you’re on the team, it means money, wealth and prestige. If you’re not, well...
13 NOVEMBER 2014

Will anyone break our over-mighty unions?

Who will play Margaret Thatcher to Irvin Jim’s Arthur Scargill?
07 OCTOBER 2014

Competitive or not? Two-track South Africa

The World Economic Forum’s 2014 Global Competitiveness Report, released last month, shows very clearly that South Africa is, indeed, two countries with two economies.
19 AUGUST 2014

"Media houses, ad agencies - clueless!"

So what’s next for Koos Bekker – and how does he see the future of media and advertising?
16 JULY 2014

4 key business lessons from Brazil 2014

The month-long soccer fest is over. But was it all a complete waste of time? Not at all – there are four important lessons from this tournament that we can apply to our businesses and other parts of our lives.
13 JUNE 2014

Channelling Stalin the ANC way

Its recent electoral setbacks are forcing the ANC to take a tougher line against perceived threats and opponents.
17 MAY 2014

The true cost of Marikana

The long-term tragedy of Marikana is only now playing out but its Final Act has been scripted: South Africa is no longer a place in which you can do business.
11 MARCH 2014

The Boss sets the tone

Unless you own it, if you work in a company you will have a boss. The boss tells you what do and when to do it, and kicks your behind when it doesn’t happen.

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