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29 JUNE 2019

Decisive moments at which Ramaphosa must not yield

Recently, SA has found itself plunged into a chaotic civil war involving economics, statistics and politics.
03 JUNE 2019

Ramaphosa now has a chance to get SA back on track

Last month's general elections in SA were the most contested and probably the most difficult to call ever.
04 MAY 2019

In business, big and small go together

The best way to get start-ups to go to market is to partner with the corporates.
05 NOVEMBER 2016

Economists' call sparks real fear - not phobia

Economists often tell us that "economic openness" - the extent to which factors of production are able to move freely between nations - plays a role in determining the growth and economic performance of a country.
30 APRIL 2016

Barclays sell-down is looking up

The announcement by Barclays Plc that it will be "selling down" its 62.3% holding in Barclays Africa Group was met with relative negativity from most South African media.
30 JANUARY 2016

Polish your Skoroko: The ride will be tough

Now is the time for resilience. The only way you can enjoy an economic recovery is to be there.
02 AUGUST 2015

The right to self-government

Most times, entrepreneurs are scared of losing ‘control’. They are scared of losing the ability to decide when, how and with whom they do business.
29 MAY 2014

Prepare for losses

Always focus your efforts to things you can make work, and learn to walk away from those you can no longer make work.
31 JANUARY 2014

Don’t diversify, intensify

When you start managing multiple business interests in multiple industries you lose a key ingredient critical to success: FOCUS.

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