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Latest Features
25 AUGUST 2020

Complex adaptive leadership

How do you lead with a clear mind and a compassionate heart while the foundations of your business are being shaken to their core?
04 AUGUST 2020

How great ideas are born

If great ideas were born simply by putting a bunch of people into a room with pizza and a whiteboard, then everyone would be doing it. In reality, however, it’s not that simple.
29 JUNE 2020

Leadership’s toughest test

In a post-pandemic world, leaders will face a number of critical tasks and processes.
02 MARCH 2020

Mteto Nyati: Betting on a Darkie

Mteto Nyati, Chief Executive of Altron, has always been driven by values, something he has tried to bring to every senior executive role he has held in the South African IT industry.
27 FEBRUARY 2020

Labour Unions and the Employment Wall

Trade unions, and their allies on the far left of the political spectrum, are to South Africa’s job market what the Berlin Wall was to Germany.
27 FEBRUARY 2020

Diverse people unite... or do they?

South Africa is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Such diversity should bring major benefits, except it's not happening.
02 DECEMBER 2019

Automation has arrived - but we've been here before

Automation is here. More and more jobs are being carried out by robots and computers and, for millions, the future of work looks bleak.
05 NOVEMBER 2019

Brilliant idea or brilliant strategy?

Consider the following thought experiment: which would you choose to back – a brilliant idea with an average strategy or a brilliant strategy for an average idea?

Machine vs. Organism

What kind of organisation do we need for the future? Creative and innovative? Or lean and efficient?
06 AUGUST 2019

No short cuts to innovation

Can leaders summon innovation into a business as simply as they’d order a pizza? "Extra cheese. Crispy base. Hold the pineapple."

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