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Latest Features
02 JUNE 2018

The meaning of life

The death of legends and leaders like Winnie Madikizela-Mandela gives us all pause for thought, appreciation and reflection. But so often it’s the death of those closest to us that can offer us lessons for how we live.
05 MARCH 2018

Women. Don’t agitate. Negotiate!

It’s back! On 8th March, women of the world will once again unite to celebrate International Women’s Day and use the day to applaud our successes and chafe at our constraints.
04 DECEMBER 2017

Generation Y and cool careers

Are young people wrong to want to spend the bulk of their week doing a job that makes use of their interests and talents?
07 AUGUST 2017

Where have all the role models gone?

Retaining the old African values of responsibility, sharing and truth may be the best way we can help our children navigate the new world.
02 MAY 2017

What price happiness?

When we are anxiously scanning what others alongside us are doing, it’s easy to miss what’s right in front.
03 APRIL 2017

When did civility become a dirty word?

When did it become impossible to argue a point or disagree with an opinion without being, well, disagreeable? When did it become okay to savage someone along with their opinion?
06 FEBRUARY 2017

Starting to start

Start small and with each accomplishment you can build your skills and enlarge your goals.
06 NOVEMBER 2016

Press on

How many times are we told by leadership gurus about the importance of resilience - that ineffable quality and drive that allows us to rise up from disaster, bloody but unbowed?

The feel-good factor

Our words and actions can break or build, hurt or heal depending on how we choose to use them.
05 JUNE 2016

Freedom rules

Freedom, which always seemed to me to be a good thing to aspire to – after all, didn’t some of our ancestors go through all manner of hell to acquire theirs? – has been taking on a rather shady, almost threatening, tinge of late.

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