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Latest Features
10 NOVEMBER 2011

Answer these questions before you start your business

A checklist to give potential entrepreneurs an idea of the sort of questions they must face when entering business for themselves.
13 OCTOBER 2011

7 stark realities you need to know if you're an entrepreneur

For all of you entrepreneurs out there, here are the 7 stark realities that you need to know if you want to be successful.

9 business trends you need to know about

The only thing constant at the moment is that the future is NOT what it used to be. 2011 is shaping up to be a year of fundamental change. From Egypt to Japan the world seems to be in some sort of never ending chaos.
11 AUGUST 2011

5 mistakes home businesses need to avoid

Do you work from home? If so, best you avoid these five mistakes.
16 JULY 2011

Future trends in franchising

We have a world living in fear of what the future holds. This has changed the way people think, who they trust, how they shop. For individuals to remain relevant and for companies to stay in business, a radical shift in mindset is required.
13 MAY 2011

Time is running out to get Walmart playing by SA’s rules

The Walmart/Massmart wrangle playing itself out at the Competitions Commission has all the signs of legal compliancy, but little pragmatism.
15 APRIL 2011

11 Restaurant Trends to expect in 2011

Michael Said shares the international restaurant predictions for the year and discusses how they will be received in South Africa.

The Chicken Licken story

If you have moments when standing on the precipice - before you take that leap of faith for your business and question whether it’s really true that capitalism rewards risk - think of George Sombonos, founder of Chicken Licken.
12 AUGUST 2010

A start-up survival guide

Before setting off on your start-up journey, it is important to keep in mind some basic key guidelines. See how many points you can tick off from these essential entrepreneurial survival checklist.
16 JULY 2010

So, you think you’re Richard Branson

Running a franchise or network of franchise opportunities is very much running your own business. You buy the solution from the provider, sure, but the buck stops with you. There are those who can make a franchise work and those that don’t.

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