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Latest Features
12 FEBRUARY 2010

A reminder to myself

Sometimes we get blocked by the past. Something that happened that leaves us in a frame of mind and limits us and holds us back.
12 NOVEMBER 2009

Three fingers pointing back

My grandmother once said to me, when you point a finger at someone, take a look at your hand because there are three fingers pointing back at you!
16 OCTOBER 2009

Are you worth coaching?

People talk about mentoring and coaching in an interchangeable manner but in reality they are different. First of all, it may be easier to understand it if we saw the two as opposite ends of a line than two separate entities.

Have you got Soul?

Jackson Mississippi calls itself the City of Soul. On a recent visit, it got me thinking about this word ‘soul’. What does it mean?
15 AUGUST 2009

A little can go a long way!

I love cooking but the skill is the ability to get the right ingredients and cook the food well, but know how much spice to add. Too much spice can ruin the food and too little can be bland. With spice, a little goes a long way.
16 JULY 2009

Pushing boundaries

It may take various forms, but the truth is, it is human nature to want to push the boundaries at some level.
02 JULY 2009

The day our icons let us down

In this new age, you may rise to dominate your industry, but you can lose that status very quickly.
03 APRIL 2009

Being connected

There is an interesting situation in the work place these days caused by the social networking sites.
26 FEBRUARY 2009

Remaining focused - Can you see the horizon?

Christopher Columbus set sail heading West to look for new lands. It was a daring move at a time of growing national imperialism and economic competition between states. It was risky and many thought that he would disappear of the edge of the world.
30 JANUARY 2009

Obama on Leadership

After eight years of the Bush Administration and the last year of electioneering, the whole world watched as the first African-American took the oath of office and became the 44th President of United States of America.

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