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Latest Features
30 MARCH 2010

Hoodwinked, John Perkins

The book is a description of where we are now economically, how we got to this desperate place, and where to go next.
25 FEBRUARY 2010

Strengths based Leadership, Tom Bowler

This book will add to your insights into what it takes to be even more successful at leading.
12 FEBRUARY 2010

Owning Up, Ram Charan

This book is comprised of fourteen questions that every board member needs to ask, especially as the business environment becomes more difficult.
28 JANUARY 2010

The Squeeze, Tom Bowler

Why do you need to know about the oil industry? For starters, it is the world's biggest business, and every aspect of mankind's lives depend on the refining of crude oil into energy, plastics, chemicals and drugs.
12 NOVEMBER 2009

Borrowing Brilliance, David Kord Murray

There is nothing new under the sun, says entrepreneur Murray. All good ideas are constructed out of existing ones. Rather than viewing borrowing as theft, we should view it as necessary.
30 OCTOBER 2009

Clever, Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones

Knowledge is not an isolated or nice-to-have phenomenon; it is the essence of most enterprises and the heart of the corporate and national competitiveness.
16 OCTOBER 2009

False Economy, Allan Beattie

Alan Beattie, the World Trade Editor of the (British) Financial Times, asks odd questions and has profound answers that deeply insightful and enlightening.
02 OCTOBER 2009

The Next Hundred Years, George Friedman

This is a forecast for the 21st century by the founder of Stratford, the world's leading private intelligence and forecasting company.

How the Mighty Fall, Jim Collins

In his two previous books, "Built to Last" and "Good to Great", Jim Collins identified great companies and what made them great. Some of those profiled are no longer great, some no longer exist.
29 AUGUST 2009

Free, Chris Anderson

Only 32 of the top 100 companies in the world today make things that can drop on your foot. The other 68 traffic mostly in ideas, or enable the markets for other's goods.

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