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Latest Features
02 OCTOBER 2019

Dejargoning education

We junk jargon, we kill cliches, we’re simple enough for clever people. Three simple concepts but ones that you’re going to be seeing a lot more of on billboards in and around Johannesburg soon. But they’re far more than that.
29 JUNE 2019

We need complexity theory, not conspiracy theories

So, how do we start fixing the situation we are in? For a start we need to ruthlessly chart the cause and effect of how we got here and then we need to visualise the goal that we need to strive for.
03 JUNE 2019

Cyril Ramaphosa reveals his hand

The unprecedented delays in announcing his cabinet speak yet again of the untold low intensity civil war being fought at ANC party headquarters Luthuli House down the road in Johannesburg.
05 FEBRUARY 2019

Beyond state capture

We need a new politics, and a new economy to go with it.
04 DECEMBER 2018

Let the scales fall from our eyes so we can see clearly

South Africa has always been defined by its prejudice – it’s perfectly understandable given the centuries of colonisation and then the decades of legislated segregation known as apartheid.
06 NOVEMBER 2018

How we can all resist state capture

The greatest issue is that state capture has not just been government’s doing. It was the work of individuals aided and abetted by corporates.
06 JUNE 2017

Future depends on transformation of public & private sectors

For all South Africans to prosper, we need an enabling environment where the public and private sectors work together for greater good.
03 MAY 2017

Leaders for a future world

Stafford Masie, Joseph Gerassi and John Vlismas discuss creative ways to grow leaders that can take our country into the future.
03 MAY 2017

How to find your leader’s heart

Dean of Henley Business School Africa, Jon Foster-Pedley, outlines seven steps to develop a leader’s heart.
07 FEBRUARY 2017

Are we suppressing creativity in our education system?

It is a fact that people have talent, but are educators growing these talents? Current teaching tends to only reward perfection or near perfection, based on students getting distinctions.

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