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Latest Features
11 JULY 2013

Elon Musk - Innovators challenge orthodoxies

Great innovators tend to be contrarians. They have an almost innate tendency to challenge industry orthodoxies, upend conventional wisdom, and turn the seemingly "impossible" into the possible.
10 NOVEMBER 2011

Turning waste into value

In nature there’s no such thing as waste. Nothing gets thrown away. The waste from one organism becomes the raw material for another.
15 APRIL 2011

Balancing innovation "Supply and Demand"

To build and sustain a robust innovation capability, your company needs to carefully manage both the supply side and the demand side of innovation.
11 NOVEMBER 2010

5 ways to improve your innovation pipeline

How healthy is your company’s innovation pipeline? Is it already operating at peak performance, helping you pump out a torrent of new growth opportunities across product, market, and industry spaces?
11 JUNE 2010

E-tailing and the Net Generation

To many of the people running the world’s biggest companies, electronic retailing is still something of a wild, new frontier, where only a few pioneers have so far managed to succeed in winning the trust and the money of customers.
30 APRIL 2010

A tribute to CK Prahalad

CK Prahalad's sad and sudden departure a week ago has robbed the world not only of a great mind, but also of a great heart.
16 APRIL 2010

Making innovation a systemic capability

Most companies claim they want to encourage creativity, risk taking, and rule breaking, but what you invariably find is that their management infrastructure and corporate culture actually inhibit these things.
12 MARCH 2010

Escaping the Internet commodity trap

The Internet is like a black hole that relentlessly sucks in, digitises and democratises content of every kind. While that may be generally good news for consumers, it has turned out to be unbelievably bad news for the content providers.
15 JANUARY 2010

You’ve generated some great ideas – now what?

One of the most prevalent and dangerous misconceptions in innovation is that it’s all about coming up with ideas.
12 NOVEMBER 2009

Matching what is possible with what is needed

Organisations must learn how to drive innovation from both the technology side and the customer side.

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