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Latest News
04 FEBRUARY 2019

New National Minimum Wage effective 1 January 2019

The long awaited national minimum wage (NMW) has been signed into law. The effective date is 1 January 2019. What exactly does this mean for employers and employees?
03 NOVEMBER 2018

Dagga in the workplace

People may no longer be prosecuted for cultivating, possessing and using small amounts of dagga for private purposes. But what are the consequences for the workplace?
30 JULY 2018

Anticipated changes to labour legislation 2018

We can expect some changes to labour legislation in 2018. How will this affect employers and employees?
02 JUNE 2018

Compensation for unfair suspension pending a hearing

It's a well-known fact that an employee who is suspended pending a disciplinary hearing is entitled to be paid. What's not so well known, is that the employee could claim additional compensation if the suspension is regarded as unfair.
05 MARCH 2018

Disciplining an employee after resignation

An employee resigns with immediate effect after receiving notice of a disciplinary hearing. May the employer proceed with the hearing?
05 FEBRUARY 2018

No water, no work – must employees be paid?

Water contingency plans may be inadequate, which may result in employees not being able to work. Must employees be paid?
04 DECEMBER 2017

Work performance and sales targets

Dismissing an employee for poor work performance is more challenging than dismissing an employee for misconduct.
06 FEBRUARY 2017

Dismissal for ill health

A distinction must be drawn between temporary and permanent incapacity as a result of ill health.
05 DECEMBER 2016

How useful are contractual notice periods?

Is a contractual notice period of use to the parties in an employment relationship?
06 NOVEMBER 2016

Plea bargain arrangements in disciplinary cases

The issue of ‘plea bargaining’ arises where there are several perpetrators involved in a disciplinary transgression.

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