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03 FEBRUARY 2020

Target: A unified brand experience

A unified brand experience is motivating customers to shop at Target.
03 FEBRUARY 2020

The top four questions chief marketing officers haven’t asked

Chief marketing officers should be asking questions around the effectiveness of their digital strategies.
02 DECEMBER 2019

Likability is the forgotten superpower

Especially when you are starting your business - or your career - from scratch.
02 DECEMBER 2019

Empathy in customer service enhanced by technology

We could be entering the next step in the evolution of customer experience as a discipline, led by advances in technology.
04 NOVEMBER 2019

Decoding the DNA of business growth

A guide to driving real growth in challenging times.

The 1 thing customers really want

Weather delays are unavoidable. Mechanical delays, while frustrating, are unavoidable. No industry, no business, no one is perfect. Stuff happens.

How to introduce a customer-centred business strategy

Customer experience improvement is a long-term investment.
06 AUGUST 2019

The optimal design of loyalty programmes

Revenue-based loyalty programmes yield better profits, but consumers don’t have to be on the losing end.
06 AUGUST 2019

Pitching for accounts: how to win

Standard Bank’s move to a new ad agency has reignited the debate about how to win big pitches in an environment where brands are demanding more for a whole lot less.
03 JUNE 2019

Experiential marketing: a way to get people talking

The idea that it's more rewarding to spend money on experiences than material goods has gained cachet in recent years. And so too has the trend for framing products as experiences.