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03 MARCH 2017

Turning Artificial Intelligence into business value

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has captured the attention of C-suite executives across all industries and is poised to transform businesses in ways we’ve never seen since the impact of computer technology in the late 20th century.
03 MARCH 2017

The fundamental changes of digital disruption

CEO of Academic Partnerships, Carl Sparks, on the fundamental changes digital disruption has brought to business models.
06 FEBRUARY 2017

Competing in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

AI is realising its potential in achieving human-like capabilities, so it is time to ask: How can business leaders harness AI to take advantage of the specific strengths of man and machine?
06 DECEMBER 2016

White Paper: Digital Disruption

FNB in conjunction with the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) recently launched a ‘White paper Digital Disruption and the SA Banking Industry’.
05 DECEMBER 2016

What if computers become smarter than humans?

What is AI capable of, what is still beyond its grasp, and are we rocketing toward an increasingly intelligent technology without enough thought about the implications for ourselves and our planet.
05 DECEMBER 2016

Will AI augment or replace HR?

We investigate the different guises of artificial intelligence for HR and ask what organisations need to do to ensure they can exploit it.
05 OCTOBER 2016

Technology – A new era

An era has arrived where there are so many new technologies available, all having a significant impact on our lives. This technology impact cannot be ignored anymore and may be referred to as the fourth industrial revolution.
25 JULY 2016

Is SA ready for the new world of work?

The days of landing a job and staying in a company until retirement are gone. Indeed, for the new workforce, this old-fashioned approach holds little reality, writes Jane Steinacker.
07 JUNE 2016

WBS announces Africa's first Chair in Digital Business

Africa's first Chair in Digital Business is to be established at the Wits Business School through an initial five-year funding commitment from Telkom.
01 MAY 2016

Raising your digital IQ

A global survey of business leaders shows how the smartest companies develop and wield their technology strategy.