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04 DECEMBER 2018

Let the scales fall from our eyes so we can see clearly

South Africa has always been defined by its prejudice – it’s perfectly understandable given the centuries of colonisation and then the decades of legislated segregation known as apartheid.
02 JUNE 2018

The future of race relations in SA is not so bright

The era of nation-building based on the abstract notion of race reconciliation has lost its currency in our imagination.
05 DECEMBER 2017

Gordhan urges concerned citizens to step up

The power of individual citizens and corporations to overthrow corruption, cronyism and nepotism cannot be underestimated – but it must be increased, says former financial minister Pravin Gordhan.
05 DECEMBER 2017

Worrying erosion of Ubuntu in South Africa

South Africa is seeing increases in violence and racial tension in various cultural groupings and communities across the country. It is resulting in a fracturing of our common national identity and the fraying of race relations.
04 DECEMBER 2017

Immunity breeds impunity

What is needed now is for one or a few of our untouchable princes, including some of those in private sector institutions, to be handcuffed in his or her office, marched to jail and subjected to robust prosecution.
31 OCTOBER 2017

Where are all the good guys?

It is becoming clear just how prepared certain people are to sell their souls for a pot of gold.
31 OCTOBER 2017

'South Africa from hero to zero... and back again?'

Setting aside the Gupta fiasco in South Africa, details may soon emerge of the extent that South Africa is now a Russian client-state if investigations into the Russian nuclear deal ever emerge.
07 AUGUST 2017

Where have all the role models gone?

Retaining the old African values of responsibility, sharing and truth may be the best way we can help our children navigate the new world.
10 JULY 2017

Breaking down the mistrust between government and business

Stephen Koseff, chief executive officer of Investec Group, believes that we need to be globally competitive and that even the language of radical economic transformation is problematic.
10 JULY 2017

Where are we as a country?

Bonang Mohale, CEO of Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA), provided a business perspective at a Freedom-themed seminar hosted by the University of Stellenbosch Business School.