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29 OCTOBER 2020

Do wealthy people deserve to be rich?

The public perception of wealth influences how policy makers address the problem of economic inequality.
04 AUGUST 2020

Just a little kindness

Kindness seems to be in the air at the moment. We all sense that kindness is good, but at this critical juncture in our national life, is there justification for seeing kind acts as a way to help turn around conflicted societies like ours?
04 AUGUST 2020

SA higher education doesn’t work

The numbers tell the story: of every 100 SA learners, 60 will sit their matric exams, 37 will pass, 12 will go to university, and only six will complete their undergraduate studies within six years.
29 JUNE 2020

We are naked together

This world – the real world – is not a show. People are not their roles. We are no longer simply characters in whatever theater we happen to play in.
02 MARCH 2020

Navigating the post-truth era

We float atop a tsunami of information, simultaneously informed and misinformed, as emotions are weaponised at the expense of common sense – and perhaps common humanity – in the pursuit of downright dishonesty.
02 MARCH 2020

How to steal a country

It’s a film that will shock you to your core, a story that will make sense of a lot of the inconveniences that have now become part and parcel of South Africa’s daily lived reality.
02 MARCH 2020

Do we really need another hero?

The rise of the hero leader around the world – strongmen who promise to be able to rescue their followers from difficult circumstances – is driving a wedge between citizens and undermining democratic institutions.
05 NOVEMBER 2019

Gender-based violence must be on the agenda 365 days a year

The protests around gender-based violence that took place parallel to the World Economic Forum on Africa in Cape Town had a powerful impact. Now activists and advocates for social justice must build on this momentum.
05 NOVEMBER 2019

Climate change action starts with each one of us

Climate change is a global emergency and citizens must play a bigger role in addressing it.
02 OCTOBER 2019

Xenophobic crisis in SA is crippling for African business

The recurring xenophobic crisis in South Africa is crippling for African business. In this interview, CAMM Fellow and Chief Executive of the SA-Nigeria Business Chamber, Dianna Games, shares insights around the opportunities and challenges