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02 DECEMBER 2019

WeChat: behind the scenes at China’s most successful app

With more than a billion daily active users, WeChat dominates daily life in China.
05 NOVEMBER 2019

Brilliant idea or brilliant strategy?

Consider the following thought experiment: which would you choose to back – a brilliant idea with an average strategy or a brilliant strategy for an average idea?

Will Apple be the next Nokia?

Amid a stunning slowdown in smartphone sales, what does the future hold for Apple and its global tech rivals?
06 AUGUST 2019

4 mindset lessons for next level business growth

It takes hard work, dedication, persistence, and mental fortitude to become a successful sportsman. Gary Kirsten, Dawid Mocke, Corne Krige and Bob Skinstad share their mindset hacks that will help you excel – in everything you do.
29 JUNE 2019

5 lessons in growth

Brett Dawson took Dimension Data from a $2 billion to $8 billion business over the course of 12 years. He's now focusing on making an impact in the business landscape through investments.
29 JUNE 2019

The TikTok strategy: Using AI to take over the world

A curious combination of prediction technology and human censors enables ByteDance to create a dynamic global video ecosystem.
03 JUNE 2019

The 5 rules of Digital Strategy

A lot of ink has been spilled telling the stories of companies felled by digital disruption - think Kodak or Blockbuster. What gets far less attention is the way traditional incumbents are winning at the digital game.
04 MAY 2019

Netflix and the battle for your disposable time

A major blind spot for organisations is that they tend to see the world through the lens of their existing industry.
02 APRIL 2019

How to survive in the age of digital transformation

Sharon Doherty, Global Organisation & People Development Director, Vodafone, addresses common concerns for organisations facing disruption.
01 MARCH 2019

Go digital or die, companies warned

Companies that have embraced digital marketing have leapt ahead of rivals that are stuck in the old ways, as digital advertising’s return on investment outpaces that of traditional media such as television and radio.