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03 AUGUST 2020

When the ground shifts, it pays to be agile

The companies that emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis will be the ones that address three critical factors in the coming months: cost, speed, and resilience.
03 AUGUST 2020

Testing, testing, testing... switching from VUCA to BANI

Every business owner would agree that it is not only the past four months of lockdown that have been devastating to their business, but now there is the added insult of uncertainty for the rest of the year. 2020 is basically a write-off.
03 AUGUST 2020

Commercial vulnerability

If you're too busy protecting what you think you're good at, you could be in big trouble.
30 MAY 2020

Yuppiechef rises to the challenge of business revolution

Like most businesses around the world, Yuppiechef is having to find ways to deal with the disruption to business caused by the unprecedented global disaster that is COVID-19 and strict regulations imposed by governments to contain it.
05 MAY 2020

Advantage beyond the crisis

Companies that master both the transitory and the transformational response to a crisis reap long-term rewards.
30 MARCH 2020

Leadership and Strategy in a VUCA world

Manoj Chiba, senior lecturer at GIBS, and Abdullah Verachia, GIBS faculty, on the impact of COVID-19, leadership and strategy in a VUCA World.
30 MARCH 2020

Being a digital leader has never been more urgent

While the COVID-19 pandemic may be a health crisis and shock to the system, it is driving the rapid adoption of digital technologies and ways of working needed for companies to stay relevant.
27 FEBRUARY 2020

Growth in a tough economy

Mteto Nyati, Chief Executive of Altron, talks growth in a tough economy.
02 DECEMBER 2019

WeChat: behind the scenes at China’s most successful app

With more than a billion daily active users, WeChat dominates daily life in China.
05 NOVEMBER 2019

Brilliant idea or brilliant strategy?

Consider the following thought experiment: which would you choose to back – a brilliant idea with an average strategy or a brilliant strategy for an average idea?