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06 FEBRUARY 2017

What’s trending now?

They’re calling 2017 technology’s Year of the Voice thanks to the commercial tipping point of Voice activated IPA’s.
06 FEBRUARY 2017

2017's global scenarios

Sometimes the future defies all expert predictions, which is why you have to stick to flags, scenarios and probabilities covering a variety of potential futures.
04 OCTOBER 2016

Global political risk and impact: The future of politics

A growing sense of dissatisfaction with the current political status quo is causing a fundamental shift in global politics.
29 JULY 2016

Leading into the 4th Industrial Revolution

We are in the midst of a highly tumultuous wave – a cycle of disruptions.
25 JULY 2016

Is SA ready for the new world of work?

The days of landing a job and staying in a company until retirement are gone. Indeed, for the new workforce, this old-fashioned approach holds little reality, writes Jane Steinacker.
28 JUNE 2016

Turning the SA Post Office around

Mark Barnes, CEO of the South African Post Office, on future clients, costs to the Post Office and how he plans to turn the institution around.
27 JUNE 2016

4 signs that your industry is ripe for digital disruption

If there are ways for your firm to improve the customer experience with digitisation or use technology to reduce costs, you should move quickly or risk being disrupted by an outsider.
27 JUNE 2016

Will creative machines take people's jobs?

Can computers be creative? Ed Rex believes we’re heading towards a world where artificial intelligence will master creativity. Professor Lynda Gratton explains how people should prepare for it.
05 JUNE 2016

Fourth Industrial Revolution: Promise or peril?

What does the Fourth Industrial Revolution mean for South African business, big and small?
04 JUNE 2016

Globers on the Go

People don’t have to spend hours in the traffic coming to work; they can work where they are; they can work anywhere, including from home.