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26 FEBRUARY 2021

5 ways the PGDip BMA can help you succeed as an entrepreneur

If you are an entrepreneur looking to make the most of your business journey, find opportunity within uncertainty and navigate a new way of working.
26 FEBRUARY 2021

3 ways to boost your post-COVID career prospects

The global pandemic has shaken up our lives and careers, but it has also created new opportunities. To thrive in a post-pandemic world, young leaders and managers will need to embrace operating in the global economy.
02 FEBRUARY 2021

If times are hard, try getting to know yourself a bit better

Finding a good coach during difficult times can give you new tools to understand yourself and develop healthier ways to navigate your life and work.
01 FEBRUARY 2021

3 ways to hack your calendar for better focus

There are steps you can take to get the most out of your limited cognitive resources.
30 OCTOBER 2020

The world ahead and the one we left behind

We are steadily emerging into a world that is very similar to the one we bade farewell on 27 March – yet so very different.
25 AUGUST 2020

Scholarships: Henley calls on Hidden Healthcare Heroes

In thanks and recognition of service given by frontline Healthcare workers in SA during COVID-19, Henley Africa is offering a number of full-fee scholarships, each worth R60,000, for the Higher Certificate in Management Practice.
25 AUGUST 2020

Why Jeff Bezos sold $3 billion in Amazon stock

When Jeff Bezos sells Amazon stock, most people assume it sends a signal about Amazon's prospects. But the sale matters for a much different reason.
25 AUGUST 2020

The 100 hour asset

We’re all so busy doing our work that sometimes we fail to build a skill worth owning.
25 AUGUST 2020

Stop sleepwalking through life

Many of us spend our time waiting in the wings until the right moment comes along to take the stage and play out our lives the way we really want to. Yet that moment never seems to come.
04 AUGUST 2020

If there was ever a time for reflection it is now

COVID-19 is a daunting prospect; it may not kill you, but there’s a real chance it will be the death knell for your corporate career because the economic contagion has joined forces with the epidemiological to create a perfect storm.