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01 NOVEMBER 2016

What is so difficult about governing with integrity?

Days without news about some or other governance failure or board scandal are becoming preciously scarce.
05 JUNE 2016

What is Ethical Leadership?

Numerous ethical issues, in both business and public organisations, get reported in the press on a regular basis. This has led to calls for more ethical leadership, but what is ethical leadership?
01 FEBRUARY 2016

The effect of indigenisation on financial development

Every economy needs a highly developed and efficient financial system in order to drive financial and economic development. However, the financial development index reveals that, on average, financial development is decreasing.
10 OCTOBER 2015

VW: What happened and what happens next?

For a company that identifies sustainability as a core value, VW has some explaining to do.
03 JUNE 2015

The FIFA scandal: Is this the ‘tip of the iceberg’?

There have been widespread calls for increased transparency in the business of international soccer after U.S. authorities on May 27 unveiled a long-running Mafia-style corruption scandal involving officials of FIFA.
30 OCTOBER 2014

When values create value

The values of a business can create value for that business. The retail group Woolworths, through its 'Good Business Journey', has experienced this first-hand. But what are values all about?
30 OCTOBER 2014

The great Ghost Office robbery

South African Post Office workers, staging their fifth and longest strike in three years, may want to consider jobs that have become redundant over the past century.
20 AUGUST 2014

Africa needs bigger pool of directors

The African Corporate Governance Network said on Thursday it would be lobbying governments to improve continent-wide governance standards, but also help grow the pool of company directors, which is way too small.
30 JUNE 2014

Turning SA businesses to Green IT

Although South African businesses seem to consider Green IT a low priority, there nevertheless is a strong demand for assistance in moving towards implementing dedicated Green IT budgets, strategies and solutions.
30 JUNE 2014

CSR is not a project

Serious stock-taking about the state of our planet, society and the economy is needed. According to Prof Arnold Smit, business should play a role by means of a broader and more holistic understanding of corporate responsibility.