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04 MARCH 2017

Radical economic transformation and how to stimulate growth

Speaking at the GSB post-budget speech, embattled Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas spoke out in favour of more active citizenry.
03 MARCH 2017

Can grass-roots reforms reverse SA’s stunted growth?

Distinguished academic and journalist, R. W. Johnson, provides his view of South Africa’s prospects.
07 FEBRUARY 2017

Reflections of the World Economic Forum 2017

Reflections of the World Economic Forum 2017 with Abdullah Verachia.
05 DECEMBER 2016

Is South Africa sustainable?

A lecture with Professor Matthew Lester of the Rhodes Business School, Grahamstown, that examines the sustainability of the independent schools in the context of the FessMustfall crisis.
05 DECEMBER 2016

The end of globalisation?

Political science suggests that a reversal, or even collapse, of globalisation is a distinct possibility.
05 NOVEMBER 2016

Economists' call sparks real fear - not phobia

Economists often tell us that "economic openness" - the extent to which factors of production are able to move freely between nations - plays a role in determining the growth and economic performance of a country.
01 NOVEMBER 2016

Will SA resist, or succumb to state capture?

There’s a fierce battle underway between two opposing camps. The outcome will determine whether the country is finally captured by crony capitalists, and shape its democratic trajectory.
04 OCTOBER 2016

SA's long term economic prospects look bleak

The enrichment of the few is compromising broader economic growth and development according to policy expert and researcher Anton Eberhard.

Africa needs young entrepreneurs not job seekers

Although Africa has highs and lows economically and politically, the long-term trend is upwards. Whilst there is volatility, the underlying drivers are upwards and strong.
27 JUNE 2016

Examining Brexit: what’s next?

What impact will Brexit have on companies and industries? Although there are some unknowns, it seems clear that a protracted period of uncertainty and volatility is likely.