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26 AUGUST 2020

How businesses can thrive in the New World Order

Entrepreneurism is the tool that will allow us not only to survive but thrive in this new world order.
25 AUGUST 2020

Phila Sizwe: Supporting SA’s SMMEs through a Mentor Hotline

SAICA and ABASA have collaborated with FNB and Fetola to help small business customers with pro-bono professional services.
25 AUGUST 2020

Making an iconic South African shoe globally recognisable

From A-listers and royalty to ordinary folk, here at home and abroad, people are enamoured with the redesign and return of the iconic South African velskoen shoe.
03 AUGUST 2020

Should entrepreneurs wait out the pandemic or forge ahead?

The coronavirus pandemic is causing heavy financial losses across industries - but that doesn’t mean entrepreneurs need to hold back until the economy recovers.
03 AUGUST 2020

2020 could be your year of plenty – if you’re up for it

This September, Henley Business School Africa and Raizcorp will be offering the first-ever SAQA-accredited Higher Certificate in Management Practice for Entrepreneurs.
30 MAY 2020

How can entrepreneurs financially emerge from COVID-19?

Traditional models of business funding need a re-think if South Africa’s small businesses and entrepreneurs are to emerge from the financially crippling "winter of coronavirus" into a spring of growth and rejuvenation.
02 DECEMBER 2019

A start-up’s evolution from AI lab to AI business

For Preferred Networks, building tech for self-driving cars and smart factories is the daily routine. One of its biggest opportunities is to devise a business model that complements its technology.
05 NOVEMBER 2019

It’s time to be more picky about entrepreneurship

As uncomfortable as it may be, there are some hard truths about entrepreneurship that we are going to have to come to terms with.
04 NOVEMBER 2019

10 questions entrepreneurs must ask before seeking funding

Funding isn’t free. At every opportunity, entrepreneurs must carefully weigh the financial consequences of taking outside money.

7 self-made millionaires who started with nothing

Humble beginnings aren't the only thing these seven successful business owners have in common, but simple childhoods led to abundance later in life.