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06 FEBRUARY 2017

Is Blockchain the next great hope - or hype?

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin may have captured the public’s fancy – and also engendered a healthy dose of skepticism - but it is their underlying technology that is proving to be of practical benefit to organisations: the blockchain.
25 JULY 2016

Ramp up your financial savvy

It is well documented that countries that have a good savings culture tend to be more prosperous than those that don’t, writes Gaye Crossley.
01 MARCH 2016

Tracking South Africa's savings culture

SA has one of the worst savings rates in the world, but this poor savings culture is not only a problem at household level, it is symptomatic of a deeper issue, shows new research conducted into national savings by Investec and GIBS.

Win 5 interactive, educational seminars

Alexander Forbes FPC (FPC) has developed a series of five engaging workshops to empower your employees to make informed financial planning decisions so that they can meet their unique goals and secure their Financial Well-being.
08 JUNE 2015

Small businesses could be facing a ‘perfect storm’

SMEs must pay attention to the Reserve Bank’s warning that interest rates cannot be held down indefinitely.
02 OCTOBER 2014

Exchange controls make it impossible to pursue my work

Exchange controls in SA provide no economic guarantees of stability, but drive up the cost of cross-border relationships for everyone.
14 FEBRUARY 2014

Do business owners have a bias against risk?

An MBA finance class would agree that unused capital indicates a lazy balance sheet. But does this apply to private companies too? Do they need to risk their capital too?
29 AUGUST 2013

6 steps to achieving cost excellence

It isn't enough to slash costs through short-term measures such as squeezing suppliers, shuttering facilities, and reducing head count. What is required is a move away from endless rounds of cost reductions and toward true cost excellence.
29 AUGUST 2013

Financial inclusion in SA: An unfinished conversation

The true meaning of financial inclusion is too important to leave as an incomplete discourse, in a country like South Africa facing very real economic challenges.
29 AUGUST 2013

During Zuma's term: municipal finances vanish

The new audit report on municipal finances paints a bleak picture of how municipal financial management has been allowed to regress since President Jacob Zuma took office.