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25 FEBRUARY 2021

Online Learning: Fundamentally part of the digital era

Online learning has become the "new normal", but how can both learners and instructors make a success of it?
25 FEBRUARY 2021

3 ways companies can support grieving employees

When we experience loss, grief travels with us everywhere - even work. What can companies do to support grieving employees?
25 FEBRUARY 2021

Can you spot an opportunity when you see it?

If you’re an HR Professional, are you seeing the opportunities for the "people" people to rise to meet a growing business need?
25 FEBRUARY 2021

Sick leave crisis continues

Businesses are facing an uphill battle with employee attendance due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Are employees entitled to paid sick leave, annual leave, unpaid leave, UIF illness benefits or Compensation Fund benefits?
25 FEBRUARY 2021

Older workers’ employability is an HRD responsibility

While people are working longer and longer, there is a perception that older workers are less able to move between jobs than younger cohorts, and HR needs to address that.
25 FEBRUARY 2021

3 steps to the "best next" workplace

When COVID-19 wanes, returning to normal won’t be good enough. Leaders need practices to help them create a future that’s amazing.
01 FEBRUARY 2021

Should employers make the Covid-19 vaccine mandatory?

Companies are debating whether to make the new vaccine mandatory for employees. But is there a better way to achieve compliance.
01 FEBRUARY 2021

Bombshell for restaurants and related establishments

In the wake of the devastation caused by Covid-19, fast food outlets, restaurants and caterers across the country are being dealt yet another blow.
25 NOVEMBER 2020

Annual leave in the Covid-19 context

As we approach the end of a very unusual year, employers are faced with multiple questions surrounding annual leave entitlement.
25 NOVEMBER 2020

What 12000 employees have to say about future of Remote Work

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has led to economic, health, and social devastation, it has also created an unprecedented opportunity: to run the world’s biggest-ever workplace experiment.