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03 MARCH 2017

One bad apple spoils the company

Bottom Line: Don’t let the performance of superstars distract you from the damage toxic employees inflict.
03 MARCH 2017

How can businesses truly measure culture?

Government, regulators and investors are increasingly focused on culture. What does this mean for HR?
03 MARCH 2017

The inside scoop on reducing the gender gap

Sheryl Sandberg left Google to become COO of Facebook. Marisa Mayer jumped to become CEO of Yahoo. But perhaps, just perhaps, if these women had stayed put and been promoted internally, they would have received more equitable pay packages.
03 MARCH 2017

Malignant manipulators: ticking time bombs

Malignant narcissists not only believe they are always right, they vindictively go out on a limb to prove it.
05 DECEMBER 2016

Will AI augment or replace HR?

We investigate the different guises of artificial intelligence for HR and ask what organisations need to do to ensure they can exploit it.
05 DECEMBER 2016

Why great employees hate performance evaluations

Ever given an employee a great performance review, only to have them walk away unhappy? Here's how to avoid that.
06 NOVEMBER 2016

Plea bargain arrangements in disciplinary cases

The issue of ‘plea bargaining’ arises where there are several perpetrators involved in a disciplinary transgression.
05 OCTOBER 2016

"Queen Bee syndrome" is hampering women’s career growth

A new trend in the South African work environment, the "Queen Bee syndrome", is causing women to not reach their full career potential.
05 OCTOBER 2016

12 reasons for employers to be cautious

The Labour Relations Act (LRA) has twelve sections devoted, in effect, to protecting employee’s jobs and to the imposition of extremely stringent obligations on employers contemplating the dismissal of employees.
04 OCTOBER 2016

Probation and fixed term contracts

May an employer use a fixed term contract as a substitute for probation?