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04 NOVEMBER 2019

Why digital transformations fail - and how to fix that

The transition to digital is a $1.7 trillion industry, yet 70% of attempts end up failing, according to McKinsey & Co.
06 AUGUST 2019

No short cuts to innovation

Can leaders summon innovation into a business as simply as they’d order a pizza? "Extra cheese. Crispy base. Hold the pineapple."
04 MAY 2019

Creating a culture of innovation

Peter Mulford, Chief Innovation Officer at BTS in New York, on how to create a culture of innovation.
04 MAY 2019

Technology alone is not enough

What is the common denominator between Apple founder Steve Jobs and Alibaba’s Jack Ma? Technology? Digital? Disruption? Actually, it’s an appreciation for what humans bring to the table.
04 MAY 2019

Why Agile works

Companies that get agile right see impressive results.
04 MAY 2019

How a 100000-strong company is relearning how to innovate

Bayer rediscovers its spark for the 21st century
02 APRIL 2019

Innovation in SA organisations driven by C-level support

Turf wars, office politics, lack of alignment and budget pressures the dominant innovation obstacles in South Africa.
05 FEBRUARY 2019

"Intrapreneurs" to lead innovation

Employee "intrapreneurs" could hold the key to unlocking innovation for South African business faced with the twin challenges of growing local productivity and jobs, and keeping pace with rapid global technology advancement.
10 OCTOBER 2018

Why Agile may be fragile

The hype around Agile organisations needs some debunking, so that Agile’s actual value can be salvaged.
02 APRIL 2018

Overcoming challenges during a major transformation

Michael Pennisi, the chief executive of QSuper, one of Australia’s largest pension funds, describes how to change direction at scale.