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09 JUNE 2015

Who wants to be the road less travelled?

Once upon a time most people thought that design and business were two very different things: fashion and architecture vs commerce. Today, the thinking has changed.
09 JUNE 2015

SA’s innovations can work anywhere in the world

South Africa faces unique social challenges because of Apartheid, but on the positive side, the country’s military background and previous sanctions has given it distinct technological advantages.
08 JUNE 2015

How Big Blue grew by embracing different

Zero to R100 million. Lessons from Big Blue, South Africa's quirkiest retailer.
06 JUNE 2015

Do not think out of the box

Innovation is very rarely accomplished by the lone genius sitting beneath an apple tree or behind an Apple computer. In the history of the world, inventions often do not emanate from the single brilliant mind operating outside the box.
15 MAY 2015

South Africa’s top inventions that went global

South Africa is never top of the list when people think of inventions, but perhaps that is because they don’t know we have some pretty heavy-hitting inventions used around the world, writes Toby Shapshak.
04 MAY 2015

How big ideas are built

Companies often ask themselves why their innovation efforts seem to produce so few truly game-changing ideas.
24 FEBRUARY 2015

Two leaders unite to boost innovation in Africa

The MTN Group and the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business (UCT GSB) have announced a major new partnership to boost sustainable innovation in Africa.
24 FEBRUARY 2015

Innovators in waiting

To tap into the wellspring of human ingenuity and crank up the innovation capacity of our society, we need to make different choices, starting with what we teach our children.
24 FEBRUARY 2015

Eskom crisis creates new opportunities for businesses

During times of crisis, the time for fresh thinking and business model innovation is ripe, says expert at UCT Graduate School of Business.
10 JANUARY 2015

3 must do’s for breakthrough innovation

Companies can no longer hope to significantly grow revenues by coming up with a slightly improved version of the same old thing and then selling it to the same old customers through the same old channels in the same old way.