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08 APRIL 2014

Would we miss you when you are gone?

Leaders, both political and in business, should ask themselves the question, what value are they adding to the world around them?
28 MARCH 2014

UNISA SBL shaping South Africa’s innovative future

On Friday evening, 7 March, the UNISA Graduate School of Business Leadership (SBL) hosted an inspiring event to mark the school’s Research & Innovation Day which was held as part of UNISA’s third annual Research and Innovation Week.
27 MARCH 2014

Rubbish offers poor a step up

Five years after being named one of South Africa’s 100 Brightest Young Minds, Tasmi Quazi is picking waste in central Durban. Not only that, but she was headhunted to do it.
27 FEBRUARY 2014

LEGO excelled at innovation – and it nearly killed them

LEGO had a near-death experience in 2003. So how did this happen even though they ticked all the boxes for innovation?
01 FEBRUARY 2014

Think business design

Since the announcement of Cape Town as World Design Capital 2014, design has become a much talked-about topic. We explore design thinking – a process used to turn a challenge into a feasible solution through creativity and innovation
27 NOVEMBER 2013

The glass is always full: rethinking wealth

Despite fears that the planet is running short on resources, the world has all that it needs to survive sustainably – the real scarcity in the picture is innovation.
27 NOVEMBER 2013

Solar power ‘finally comes home’

South Africa celebrates the first "sun" energy to zip past on its national grid after years of planning and negotiations.
31 OCTOBER 2013

5 ways accountants can contribute to innovation

Let’s add another skill to the expanding role of the CFO: Innovation catalyst.
31 OCTOBER 2013

Designing for innovation

Ever wondered why you come up with your best ideas when you are in the shower? It's because once the (unconscious) mind is freed up, it can offer you the solution on a silver platter.

The innovation blind spot and avoidable failure

An innovation blind spot cost Philips Electronics $2.5 billion in the form of write-offs. They brought out the magnificent HDTV in 1980; unfortunately they were 20 years too early.