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31 MARCH 2015

10 principles of organisation design

These fundamental guidelines, drawn from experience, can help you reshape your organisation to fit your business strategy.
31 MARCH 2015

Leading with purpose

Leaders seem to have a tough time nowadays, especially when the world in which we live is painted as a VUCA world, i.e. one that is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous.
31 MARCH 2015

How leaders should react when someone disappoints

When people fall short of expectations, the way leaders handle their disappointment can mean the difference between a return to high performance and a downward spiral of failure.
30 MARCH 2015

What makes a business visionary?

South Africa has a proud clutch of people who changed the face of business and improved our lives with their often simple yet revolutionary ideas, followed by the drive and courage to realise them.
13 MARCH 2015

Imagine Africa, Imagine Leadership

What kind of Africa do we want to help build with all the natural resources available to us?
13 MARCH 2015

7 things great bosses never ask employees to do

As a boss, you do in fact have the power - a lot of power. But that authority should still have limits.
13 MARCH 2015

Why leading change just keeps getting more complicated

Most of the change that happens to people, organisations and societies is neither managed nor led – it just happens to us. Sometimes the impact is desirable; other times not.
13 MARCH 2015

Want to lead your staff? Serve your people

Brand Pretorius played a pivotal role in bringing McCarthy from the brink of bankruptcy to highly profitable.
24 FEBRUARY 2015

The Rules of Engagement are changing

Leaders have to keep their people engaged while responding to huge, disruptive changes in how we work and what we care about in the workplace. It’s a big challenge, but the first step to overcoming it is knowing what the changes are.
24 FEBRUARY 2015

The SONA Saga

Why don’t we see President Zuma leading in ways that inspire, unite and immediately drill down to the essence of what people, the country and politics in general need?