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08 APRIL 2014

Would we miss you when you are gone?

Leaders, both political and in business, should ask themselves the question, what value are they adding to the world around them?
08 APRIL 2014

12 reasons why you are failing as a leader

Times are tough and most would agree that to succeed as a political, corporate, parastatal, civic or sports leader is becoming harder and harder.
08 APRIL 2014

The language of leaders

The language of leaders matters. Language is their toolbox. As Lolly Daskal says, "painters have a brush, sculptors have a chisel, surgeons have a scalpel, and conductors have a baton - and leaders have language".
28 MARCH 2014

Flying lessons for leaders

One of the ways to develop highly competent business leaders is to use methodologies that are used to teach commercial pilots to fly.
27 MARCH 2014

Breaking bad leadership habits

Leaders have to learn and practice new management techniques to overcome the habits that could be holding them back.
27 MARCH 2014

Motsepe's new ambition

Patrice Motsepe's fabled rise started even before empowerment became mandatory in SA and he's likely to remain ahead of the curve as he carves out new territory.
20 MARCH 2014

The 5 working parts of company culture

Every good leader knows the importance of Company Culture, but yet it seems to be a fuzzy and intangible sort of concept. We know it when we feel it. Yet Culture develops constantly, and is something leaders have a role in actively shaping.
11 MARCH 2014

Women in Leadership

Koo Govender, CEO of VWV, shares her thoughts on the number of women in leadership positions in the marketing/communications industry and her passion for media.
11 MARCH 2014

The perfect leadership story

This is the perfect leadership story, emanating from St Albans College, one of the top schools in South Africa and an exemplary leadership academy for the future leaders of our country and beyond.
11 MARCH 2014

The Boss sets the tone

Unless you own it, if you work in a company you will have a boss. The boss tells you what do and when to do it, and kicks your behind when it doesn’t happen.