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Follow the masters

Gain access to South Africa’s top executives, professionals and entrepreneurs – all under one roof.
19 AUGUST 2015

Leaders flock to Leaderex

New event shines the spotlight on leadership, innovation and potential.
06 JULY 2015

Braille translation of leadership book launched at USB

While braille is the blind’s form of literacy only about 5% of South Africa’s blind population is able to read braille, according to William Rowland, honorary president of the South African National Council for the Blind.
04 JULY 2015

Leadership for engagement

Is there a way in which we can relieve ourselves from the burden of leadership? And, can we create the kind of environment in which not only our employees, but also we ourselves, may start to flourish?
04 JULY 2015

Leaders who can read collective emotions are more effective

How a leader manages collective emotions can create or destroy enormous market value. It can also have a huge bearing on what large groups of stakeholders think of you.
06 JUNE 2015

Leading with morality

As the continent democratises and economies grow, the individual will emerge as the great power to contend with. And what values guide these individuals’ behaviour is one of the most critical leadership questions facing Africa.
06 JUNE 2015

If people followed you, where would they end up?

Much is said about leaders and where they end up but not as much is said and written about the people who follow them and where they end up. Few realise that one way of assessing leaders is to look at where their followers end up.
06 MAY 2015


The current crisis at Eskom and other troubled parastatals would arguably not have happened if a culture of asking for help existed in South Africa.
04 MAY 2015

Psychopathy and leadership

It may be a bit of a provocative headline but recent research gives interesting perspectives on whether certain leadership positions attract psychopathic behaviour.
04 MAY 2015

Seamless Leadership: Universal Lessons from South Africa

For the past 15 - 20 years we have been working with and interviewing top leaders in South Africa and beyond. This eye opening experience culminated in a book - 'Seamless Leadership: Universal lessons from South Africa'.