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Business schools should participate in public discourse

Prof Piet Naude, new director at University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB), has set the scene for the institution’s future positioning in the industry and society at large.

First know yourself, then your team

Understanding how an organisation works is not enough. To be truly effective, a leader must understand the unconscious motivations of people around them.

A tale of two titles

Recent news headlines in South Africa, have given extensive coverage to the actions of two influential political figures and their moral power.
20 AUGUST 2014

5 things I learned when I lost my desk

In a world where things change as often as they do, comfort zones are counter-productive at best.
20 AUGUST 2014

4 competencies to develop global leaders

Corporate strategy has evolved faster than leadership development in many global companies. This has created some management problems.
20 AUGUST 2014

Do CEOs have a limited shelf life?

How long should a CEO stay at the helm? The issue is topical once again following the collapse of African Bank and the departure of its charismatic, influential and dogmatic CEO Leon Kirkinis after 21 years at the helm.
03 AUGUST 2014

Lead by doing, not by delegating

It’s just another day in leadership paradise. An important project is languishing - like a bad houseguest, it’s going nowhere, but no one is calling it out.
03 AUGUST 2014

Chris Anderson: Why community-driven companies always win

Chris Anderson discusses the role of communities in driving innovation, and examines how companies that are accustomed to operating in traditional ways can harness this disruptive force.
01 JULY 2014

Flying lessons for leaders - Part 2

Business leaders should be trained like pilots to catch problems early.
29 JUNE 2014

What lessons do horses teach us about leadership?

If we take a break from the conventional world of work, we may find that the secrets of leadership have been roaming the hills of our world.