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10 OCTOBER 2018

The best advice Bill Gates ever got from Warren Buffett?

The page Bill Gates took from Warren Buffett's playbook is one we can all use.
10 OCTOBER 2018

Ask this 1 question now to save a ton of time later

How often have you put your heart and soul into something - a sales pitch, a presentation, a letter, a conversation - only to find that it misses the mark?
30 JULY 2018

Leadership lessons from the Boks and leading sports teams

On the sports field, we see a microcosm of life play out. When the going gets tough, sports stars get grounded. They pull together and rely on each other’s talents to turn the situation around. Perhaps that’s the big lesson for corporates.
28 JULY 2018

How to lead when you’re feeling afraid

Here’s the dilemma: The only way you can solve an impossible challenge is through innovation and experimentation. But fear blocks innovation and experimentation.
02 JUNE 2018

CEOs should be chief enablement officers

Leadership is about energising people rather than issuing orders.
02 JUNE 2018

Let's kill leadership

We are conditioned to be led by others, says Jules Goddard. That’s dangerous. We should learn independence.
01 MAY 2018

Water crisis: From blame to accountability

Apportioning blame for the water crisis will not solve the problem – it’s time to identify how we got here, and how we can act more proactively.
21 APRIL 2018

Is this the most persuasive word in the English language?

Not because of what the word means, but because of what the word means you will do.
21 APRIL 2018

5 traits of transformative CEOs

In a fast-moving environment characterised by digitisation, organisations face threats that emerge more rapidly - and from a wider range of competitors - than ever before.
02 APRIL 2018

Chickens, Polony and leadership boloney

When a catastrophe hits and a company doesn't have resilience built into its culture, that's when irreparable reputational damage can become a threat.