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Machine vs. Organism

What kind of organisation do we need for the future? Creative and innovative? Or lean and efficient?
29 JUNE 2019

The flight path to wonderful decisions

It's an uncomfortable truth that more than half the decisions we make fail - sometimes with dire consequences in the realm of business.
02 APRIL 2019

Why has there been such a failure of leadership?

Despite the leadership development business being a multibillion dollar/pound/rand business, ethical political and business leaders who inspire confidence are few and far between.
02 APRIL 2019

Busy is not the point

We’re supposed to give you a pass because you were full on, all day. Frantically moving from one thing to the other, never pausing to catch your breath, and now you’re exhausted.
02 APRIL 2019

The cure for the loneliness of command

CEOs are quickly derailed without a sense of community.
01 MARCH 2019

Absent Absa CEO and the importance of leadership succession

Most agree Absa has a tough road ahead. Ramos’ abrupt departure raises several questions, not least of all around her successor.
01 MARCH 2019

Every successful leader has blind spots

When you receive feedback, your first, very natural, totally understandable response, is to assess the feedback and decide, for yourself, whether you agree with it.
10 OCTOBER 2018

The best advice Bill Gates ever got from Warren Buffett?

The page Bill Gates took from Warren Buffett's playbook is one we can all use.
10 OCTOBER 2018

Ask this 1 question now to save a ton of time later

How often have you put your heart and soul into something - a sales pitch, a presentation, a letter, a conversation - only to find that it misses the mark?
30 JULY 2018

Leadership lessons from the Boks and leading sports teams

On the sports field, we see a microcosm of life play out. When the going gets tough, sports stars get grounded. They pull together and rely on each other’s talents to turn the situation around. Perhaps that’s the big lesson for corporates.