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06 FEBRUARY 2017

Dismissal for ill health

A distinction must be drawn between temporary and permanent incapacity as a result of ill health.
05 DECEMBER 2016

How useful are contractual notice periods?

Is a contractual notice period of use to the parties in an employment relationship?
05 OCTOBER 2016

12 reasons for employers to be cautious

The Labour Relations Act (LRA) has twelve sections devoted, in effect, to protecting employee’s jobs and to the imposition of extremely stringent obligations on employers contemplating the dismissal of employees.
05 JUNE 2016

Misconduct and Incapacity – When in doubt?

Where employees don’t do what is expected of them, the employer is often faced with a practical dilemma: Do I treat this as misconduct or incapacity?
30 APRIL 2016

Zero tolerance and discipline in the workplace

How high may the employer set the bar when it comes to discipline in the workplace – may a zero tolerance approach be implemented?
30 MARCH 2016

Are volunteers protected?

The assumption is often made that people who do volunteer work are not employees. They are appointed informally and their services are terminated without giving thought to consequences. But are volunteers protected by labour legislation?
29 FEBRUARY 2016

Shooting yourself in the foot with social media

Social media has become a powerful communication tool, but using it can have far-reaching consequences.
31 JANUARY 2016

Do employers need lawyers to draft disciplinary notices?

Drafting a proper disciplinary notice can be frustrating. Many employers would simply pass the responsibility to external advisors. But is that necessary?
28 NOVEMBER 2015

High level employees on probation

As a rule employers should give newly-appointed employees some time to settle in before deciding on their suitability for the job. But would it be fair to expect an employee appointed to a high level job to ‘hit the ground running’?
10 AUGUST 2015

New challenge: Non-standard employment standardised

Several years of debate on issues such as labour broking and other forms of temporary employment have led to the introduction of specific sections in the Labour Relations Act (LRA) to deal with non-standard employment.