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2018: the year you become a better leader

Insight comes from experience and you’re only going to get that by taking action.

Rapelang Rabana’s innovation formula

To be a success in today’s fast paced world, you need innovation at the heart of everything you do.

How many other "Markus Joostes" are out there?

Let’s be clear about something. Corruption is not confined to the public sector.

Tax forecasts for 2018

No matter who is President, Minister of Finance or SARS Commissioner, the National numbers will be the same at the national budget speech on 21 February 2018. A complete disaster!

Jeff Bezos: Ask yourself 1 question to avoid lifelong regret

The Amazon founder asked himself one question before he quit a good job to start an internet bookstore.

Research reveals why salespeople lose deals

The truth about why salespeople win and lose deals.

Davos 2018: the imperatives for job reskilling

With the central banks and the IMF predicting growth rates of 2% and beyond, Davos man (and woman) are feeling the worst is behind them. Instead much of the focus was on the impact of AI.

3 exercises to take customer satisfaction to the next level

Customer satisfaction... seems pretty obvious what it is and why it matters, right?

The four elements of entrepreneurship

Are successful entrepreneurs made or born?


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» 14 Feb: Management Development Programme (MDP)
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» 13 Mar: Human Resources Strategies for Emerging Markets
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