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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: How empathy sparks innovation

Satya Nadella’s track record as CEO has been widely lauded. Under his leadership, Microsoft has reversed its fortunes. What his secret?

Arnoux Maré: How to adapt and thrive

Arnoux Maré is a quintessential entrepreneur. Not only is he wildly competitive, but he’s also re-engineered the art of ‘adapt or die’ to, ‘adapt and thrive’.

The day after tomorrow: transform or perish

In a few years’ time, the tools you use to do business today will be obsolete. Make the day after tomorrow your business priority, now.

The only way to argue that actually works

Want the best idea to win - and to build a better team in the process? Start by learning to argue the right way.

Rebuilding Basil Read

Cash-strapped construction firm Basil Read has entered the second stage of its turnaround strategy.

The shock wave felt across the health care business

Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett and Jamie Dimon have agreed to form a new company to do something about burgeoning costs and other problems in the healthcare business.

Just one click can reveal your most basic motivations

A single "like" on Facebook can reveal deep-seated aspects of an individual’s personality.

How incumbents are adapting to disruption

Incumbents are focusing on people skills, culture and customer centricity when it comes to digitisation.

What can Cyril teach us about leadership?

South African politics continues to surprise everyone, including the politicians themselves.


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