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Can Pravin fix SA’s shambolic parastatals?

It’s clear Gordhan has a reputation as a "Mr Fix-It", and he hasn't hesitated to place the "rampant corruption" that has infested South Africa’s state-owned entities (SOEs) at the top of his to-do list.

Chickens, Polony and leadership boloney

When a catastrophe hits and a company doesn't have resilience built into its culture, that's when irreparable reputational damage can become a threat.

The future of South Africa

Clem Sunter puts forward his latest observations on South Africa’s future.

Black farmers need action & support, not government rhetoric

The gap between what the ANC says and what it does is hindering rural communities eager to succeed.

Who’s afraid of the big, bad robots?

Artificial intelligence is transforming the employment landscape. We must adapt our skills to exploit technology to the full.

Bankrupt and dreams in tatters

In her teens, Sheree O’Brien worked two jobs to fund her start-up dreams. But then one bad decision left her in massive debt and her dreams in tatters.

3 myths about the future of work (and why they're not true)

"Will machines replace humans?" This question is on the mind of anyone with a job to lose.

Do just 1 thing differently to learn faster

You don't even have to change the manner in which you study or practice. You only have to do this.

Your kitchen table

You open the door and the vacuum cleaner salesperson comes in, and dumps a bag of trash in your living room.


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