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Is this the most persuasive word in the English language?

Not because of what the word means, but because of what the word means you will do.

Stop sabotaging your career

Smart, talented people sometimes derail their own careers.

5 traits of transformative CEOs

In a fast-moving environment characterised by digitisation, organisations face threats that emerge more rapidly - and from a wider range of competitors - than ever before.

A business with a conscience

The South African wine industry has struggled with severe challenges over the past few years, resulting in only one in seven wine producers making a profit.

Fuel your happiness: three things happy people do

We spend most of our waking hours at work. Are we happy?

ICO’s and the Blockchain

Craig Penfold believes that while Bitcoin is restricted to a total of 21 million coins, demand for the cryptocurrency and its price are largely driven by technology, recent moves towards regulation and media events.

Managers' four biggest AI challenges

AI provides answers, careless of the impact, while humans are looking for discretion and support.

The leader’s role in marketing: Creating commitment

As a leader in your company, are you the person who pulls out a toolbox to fix the office copier or adjust a piece of equipment on your plant floor?

Data Security for the Internet of Things

Machine-to-machine transactions entail risks as well as an opportunity to create a digital blue ocean.


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