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Cry for leadership: How can we move forward as a country?

A cold realism has followed the initial euphoria that accompanied the ascendance of President Cyril Ramaphosa to the highest seat as president of his party and the country.

The future of South Africa

South Africa is at a tipping point and there are three possible scenarios for the country's future.

Can leaders commit moral treason?

Repeated calls are made that – in the light of Zuma and the Guptas – politicians should act and vote ‘according to their conscience’.

Moral panic on land reform blocks the path to inclusiveness

Differing degrees of moral panic are being flashed in the mainstream and social media on the impact of expropriation without compensation.

The Steinhoff story that Markus Jooste left untold

Was Jooste telling the whole truth?

The best advice Bill Gates ever got from Warren Buffett?

The page Bill Gates took from Warren Buffett's playbook is one we can all use.

What a Grade 1 sticker business taught me about business

It’s the very fundamentals that are frequently overlooked amid ambition and "blue sky thinking" - yet, these remain the most crucial element of any business.

Why Agile may be fragile

The hype around Agile organisations needs some debunking, so that Agile’s actual value can be salvaged.

Ask this 1 question now to save a ton of time later

How often have you put your heart and soul into something - a sales pitch, a presentation, a letter, a conversation - only to find that it misses the mark?


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» 29 Oct: Managing Projects
» 07 Dec: Certificate in Visionary Leadership
» 31 Jan: MPhil in Management Coaching
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