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Innovation, meet Automation

This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

How a 100000-strong company is relearning how to innovate

Bayer rediscovers its spark for the 21st century

Creating a culture of innovation

Peter Mulford, Chief Innovation Officer at BTS in New York, on how to create a culture of innovation.

Technology alone is not enough

What is the common denominator between Apple founder Steve Jobs and Alibaba’s Jack Ma? Technology? Digital? Disruption? Actually, it’s an appreciation for what humans bring to the table.

Why Agile works

Companies that get agile right see impressive results.

Don't panic: The digital revolution isn’t that unusual

Let’s learn from the lessons of history and step up and deal with these changes, rather than running away from them.

How firms can avoid the mediocrity trap

Due to envy or insecurity, B-players may fail to hire the best people.

Netflix and the battle for your disposable time

A major blind spot for organisations is that they tend to see the world through the lens of their existing industry.

How to start a business while keeping your full-time job

Starting a business while keeping your full-time is the best approach for most aspiring entrepreneurs. Here's how to pull it off.


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