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The 5 rules of Digital Strategy

A lot of ink has been spilled telling the stories of companies felled by digital disruption - think Kodak or Blockbuster. What gets far less attention is the way traditional incumbents are winning at the digital game.

Ramaphosa now has a chance to get SA back on track

Last month's general elections in SA were the most contested and probably the most difficult to call ever.

4 startup lessons from a bootstrapped industry disruptor

Less than two years ago, Benji Coetzee chose to leave the corporate comforts of a top-tier consulting firm to launch and self-fund her tech start-up, EmptyTrips.

The day of reckoning may be fast approaching

So many statistics are now coming out showing that climate change is going to pose an existential threat to the planet later this century. Yet the American leader denies there is any link between climate change and humankind.

How to fix a toxic workplace

Has toxicity at work become the new normal? Many workers believe that it is.

Reach is overrated

It might be the biggest misconception in all of advertising.

How AI could become an extension of your mind

Try talking to yourself without opening your mouth, by simply saying words internally. What if you could search the internet like that - and get an answer back?

Could the Amazon Go model of automated shopping work in SA?

Retailers need to ask themselves where they will play in an environment where digital and brick-and-mortar retail will increasingly converge.

AI in the workplace

What kinds of jobs will humans be left with once AI reaches its potential? Julian Birkinshaw is optimistic.


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